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ovarian cyst

hello doctor,

in beginning this year I have had pains in my ovaries when i walked longer,it was awful .In feb 19,2008 I went to see gynecologist I had ultrasound they found  cyst 3.5cm on right ovary.,Dr.put me on birth control Low ogestrel and some hormonal medication painkiller....now is 4 months later i still have pains when i walk,I had another ultrasound it seems like cyst is the same size,but i still feel pain.When i told Dr.about it he is like...really????!!!.....i don't like his respond...of course I'm in USA without insurance,canadian citizen........................should i look for some new DR.?....or what do you think?......he wants to wait for another month....for what?...I have pains,can't work!.....is this normal?......because i don't think so?.....I can't even do gorcery shopping for too long......because i have to sit.....to get rid off pain.......Please help me I'm frustrated.....
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Hi there,

it sounds like you have a persistent cyst and pain. In that case, it is reasonable to consider surgical removal..  It may be reasonable to get a second opinion.
best wishes
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Dear Doctor,
Please...find the time to anwer this before i go see some other Dr.
I picked my ulrasound reports from dr i had been seeing,they didn't match what he was telling me.
Report from feb.stated left ovary appears enlarged and mutifollicular 38mm23mm31mm volume 14.1ml no free fluid visible.
RT ovary simple cyst visible 42mm D37mmD43mmD45mm,also sonolucent fluid was found in right fallopian tube with anterioposterior measurment of 8.4mm

Report last week in June stated:normal uterus with slight heterogenecity noted.Normal endometrium.Normal RIGHT OVARY.Free fluid noted in the RTadnexa. A septated cyst on the LEFT Ovary 37mm 24mm 45mm volume 21ml. Dr.never told me that I have cyst now on left ovary and right ovary cyst dissapeared.I'm 39,no childrean love to have some....can I hope?....what is heteregenecity...and what septated.....................Please please respon?ASAP....I still feel pains like I have fire on my RT ovary,I guess has to do with fluid in my fallopian tube....Thank you Asta ....
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Hello I am no DR but I have heard that cysts sometimes come and go and are nothing to worry about as long as there not cancerous.  Just what I have been told. I too had a CT Scan on the adomen and they found a cyst, too.   Good Luck to you hun...Sorry you are so worried felt like I'd give you something I have heard to maybe calm one of your questions....

Take Care please keep in touch on your progress

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thanx Jules for your support,it's so nice to see that even strangers care...........I hope i will be OK....I'm dealing with pain since christmas...I'm just exhausted and scared....because I'm not getting proper care................
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