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ovarian cyst

I have previously been diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst.
My report is as follows: Ovarian volumes measure 4cc on the right and 2cc on the left. There is a 6.4 x 5.0 x 6.7cm (113cc volume) cystic lesion involving the left ovary and containing an intramural solid element measuring 17mm.This does not demonstrate any internal vascularity but is nevertheless suspicious for an ovarian neoplasm. no pelvic free fluid. No right ovarian abnormality evident.

My question is that I have been booked an app with a gynaecologist to have this cyst removed, but I am having very severe lower abdominal pain which I went to the emergency for and they told me that my cyst has disappeared an sent me home. But I am still getting severe abdominal pain and my stomach is very sore to touch, what should I do?? is it possible for my cyst to disappear in such short time? I have also had this cyst for over a year and it just kept growing. if it is gone why do I get pain?  

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A cyst can burst and that is very painful.  The pain would linger for a few days.  

I would follow up with an appointment with GYN and take it form there.
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