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Last night i began experiencing extreamly sharp pain in my lower left quadrant . I am 19. ( I thought it was just a GI problem since I experience GI problems frequently, as well as suffer from acid reflux but am taking miralax as well as nexium and have been doing good), I went to the doctor and they found microscopic bloon in urine. So they send me thi smorning for an ultra sound where they found that I had a 2.5cm left ovarian cyst...they gave me percocet and a shot of pain med which they said i can keep getting if I need it before I got see my GYN.... they said it hadnt yet ruptured since they saw it on the ultrasound...the doctor tried telling me that I would know for SURE when it did rupture, but said that it wouldnt hurt, that istead i would know because i would feel a sense of relief.....is this true? I was wondering how i will know for sure when it does rupture? If it is going to be extreamly painful, I much rather be prepared for that then be lied to, so I was just wondering if anyone could help me out. thank you!
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Your cyst won't necessarily rupture at that size.  In my experience, I always had pain when my I had a ruptured cyst but your cyst could resolve without any pain.   Your cyst is still small and you didn't mention if it is complex, solid, or fluid filled.  As far as ovarian cancer goes, the cysts are complex or solid and drs. usually decide to remove those types of cysts when they are 5cm or larger.  If yours is complex or solid you will want to do frequent follow up visits to keep a check on it.  Your gyn will be able to do more tests and hopefully determine the type of cyst.  Most cysts turn out to be benign.  I recommend heat, ibuprofen and rest to get through the pain until you can be seen.  I wouldn't worry too much about the cyst rupturing and subsequent pain...it may never happen.  Best wishes.  
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