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ovarian cyst

Hi I took varies of test with doctors blood Ct catscan and a scan test where you get a shot at the nuclear dep. and have a test later next day. Any way they found a cyst. I don't know how big but I want to know if this is also related smelly dark urine very painfull abdonmal pain and back also I am very thirsty like I am dehydrated. Alot of discharge sometimes very liquidy like urine and also bad smell. I am 31 yrs old 3 kids 1 miscarage. 2 c sections apendix out. Vericose veins almos bursting and painful out. Colonoscopy at 24 find polips and removed. Also I have had my tubes tide. As you can see I have been through so much and continue to suffer from sever pain. I feel fatigue cold all the time but inside I feel like I am boiling. Severe Migranes My menstral cycle last 7 to 13 days heavy bleading at first day with severe cramping can't bear the pain since 13yrs. of age nothing helps. Sweats blurr vision fast heart rate and faint. My doctors say I am ok because all result came fine exept  a 24hr test leukocye esterase Abnormal and Clearance rate creatinine 0.6 and 0.5. I don't know what this means if the doctor said everything is normal. Any suggestions.
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You have alot going on, girl.
Besides your creatinine have you had a urinalysis?  Not a clean catch, but a sterile one? Have you had this urine like discharge analysed?  
Could be what you think is discharge just might be little leaks of urine.. It's not uncommon for mommies with multiple pregnancies.
The smell and the color of your urine, if all of your studdies are clear, could be medication or food related.
High blood pressure, over a long time, can cause lots of kidney problems and migraines.  You'd be surprised how many docs over look blood pressure.  Take it very seriously.
Your back pain along with urine symptoms sounds like classic kidney infection,but you say your studdies are all clear?  Maybe the back problem is something else.
I take it you've been to your gyn, because you are aware of a cyst.
If you know you are unwell, and the docs aren't satisfying you, be persistant.  Especially with all your symptoms.
I hope you feel better.  Get good diagnosis and treatment.  That's the best advise for you.
Good luck.
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