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ovarian parasite

I believe I have a parasite called schistosoma h in my ovaries.
About a year ago, I had notice during my periods what I thought
looked like blood worms. When I did some research I found one
that looked like the one I had found with a v shaped tail.

I am 44 yrs old with irregular periods. I have a history of kidney
stones which I pass about every 5 years. I have tried losing weight
which has never been a problem but I cannot lose weight and I
feel starved and weak when I do diet even though I am eating
healthy. My breasts are swollen. I have terrible itching in the vaginal

I saw a doctor about a year ago who ran a urinary test and I did
have a UTI which I usually get and she also ran a stool sample
to check for parasites. But I don't find these in my stool I notice
them during my periods. So I typed in Ovarian parasites and found
it brought up bladder cancer and the schistosoma parasite.

Is there a specific test they can do for ovarian parasites.
I know this is a rare parasite in the US, but I have family who are in
the military and also family that has traveled to Africa and we do alot
of swimming together.

Thank you.
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Hi There
unless you live in a developing country or have traveled in rural Africa or Asia, it is unlikely that you have schistosoma .

You should see a gynecologist and have a good physical exam and go over your symptoms.
Of note, this forum is for questions for women and their families who live with ovarian cancer.
best wishes
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