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ovarian remnant syndrome

Hi, I am a 39 year old women.  Please consider my history before I ask my question.  c-section 1994(bikini cut);, emergency c-section, lysis of adhesions, multiple blood transfusions, secondary to placenta previa/accreta(1998), 2001 bilateral oopherectomy (cysts on boths sides), lysis of adhesions, removal of small portion of small intestine;
cyst removal from left breast (2003) benign;, 2004 left ovarian pelvic cyst (7.5 cm);, 2006 incisional hernia repair with mesh, laparascopic. My father's sister died of Ovarian Cancer and all of her symptoms were gas , abdominal bloating, heartburn and pelvic pain like me.
2008, I have bilateral ovarian remnant cysts.  I am in excruciati g pain on my left side.  I had a horrible episode, lots of pressue on the bladder and had bowel movements at least 5 times that day.  Pain was so bad I thought I would faint.  I thought the cyst had ruptured.  My doctor wants to try lupron. I am at my wits end.  the pain in my lower back and the pain where the cyst is located is the same place they removed the cyst in 2004,. it radiates to my hips and legs.  My surgeries were difficult.  2 of my surgeries led me into intensive care unit, and they found a couple of spots on my lungs and I was on a blood thinner for 6 months.  Can someoned direct me in the right direction?  Thank you.
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Hi There,
Thank you for your complete information. Going on lupron is very appropriate. Before considering another surgery, it is important to understand what these cysts are and whether they are related to your pain.

You should also ask your doctor about checking an estrogen level to see if you have functioning ovarian tissues.

If your pain is from an ovarian remnant , then suppressing that remnant with lupron should reduce the pain. If it does not, it is not clear that surgery will help and other possible causes of your pain should be sought.

If lupron relieves your pain, then consideration of another surgery to resect these cysts makes sense.

You should find an experienced surgeon who does alot of complex pelvic surgery.Usually that would be a gyn oncologist (even though this is not cancer)

Finally with your family history, you should consider genetic screening. It may be important to know if you have a higher risk of breast cancer .

Aloso checking CA 125 and possibly the new ovasure test may be reasonable.
best wishes
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