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ovary loss raises 'dementia risk'

Just read an article in BBC NEWS indicating a possible increase in Parkinsons, dementia and  Alzheimers found in women who have had oopherectomies for whatever reason.
Hmmm...if it's not one thing it's another.
Peace, Ladies!
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Heck, most people would think we are demented anyway!!!! lol
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LOL. I read the same article and thought the same thing!!!
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It's nice to have a "medical excuse", though...just like the hot flashes are an excuse to eat ice cream!  Oh well, the next time someone peeves me on the highway, he better watch out!  LOL!  Instead of "Baby on Board" signs in our cars, we should put signs that say "Demented Hormonally Challenged Battalion Member On Board".

Gail :)
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I love it!   Here's your sign!!!
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It reminds me of when I had my thyroid removed.  One of the members of the thyroid cancer forum said she felt like she just wasnt as sharp after removing the thyroid.  My thought was "great, I wasnt that sharpt to begin with and now I am going to be less????"
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While caring for an elderly female dementia patient, her doctor and I discussed his recommendation of the use of hormone replacement therapy for this very reason.   (Her doctor was a geriactric specialist.)   Unfortunately, other studies show risks of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer from HRT, so a patient and her doctor would really have to discuss and weigh the costs and benefits before the administration of such drugs.
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I was reading a thread from this site and you mentioned the website Womeninbalance.org. I was thrilled that they included the scientic studies that might interest health care (and hopefully anyone)professionals regarding Bioidentical hormones. I read the study and am amazed that the site is able to get the word out about all the confusion regarding hormones, HRT, and BHRT. What a great service they are doing.

The study on HRT a few years ago that indicated all the bad findings did not include the bio's and yet when the media put forth info regarding the study, no distinctions were made.

I had ovarian cancer, as you know, and I am so grateful that my oncologist started me on bioidentical estrogen. As you know, it took me time to figure it all out and in retrospect, bio's were just starting to get more and more acknowledgement in the medical community and in the general population, so my guess is that my GYN/Oncologist (a young woman)was just starting to study them. I would guess that she includes bio progesterone (not progestin) after surgery now too. But, I have never talked with her about all this so it is just my speculation.

My regular GYN who initially referred me to the cancer doctor and is the one who found my malignant cyst is great about letting me use this treatment. I could tell the last time we talked that he is being inundated with questions about them. I am happy to give my positive testimonials regarding the help they have given me.

I have to go and dictate for work but I knew I would not rest toight until I responded. I did not see the particular study that this thread refers to. But, I do recall reading six years ago about the protective aspect of bio progesterone (you don't have to call it bioidentical progesterone every time, but the darn thing is constantly mistaken for progestin the synthetic stuff used in the study with the esquine estrogens and that caused such a stir, as it should, although, again, it did not involve any of the bioidentcal hormones).

Go to "Hormones and the brain" on that website under "scientific research" and read about the protective advantage against parkinsons, etc.
In fact, I will copy and paste.

I do know that it is a personal decision about taking these. My crusade, though is to make sure that the word is out there that there might be hope for women who want to feel better...even if there has been a history of cancer. I realize, too, that my situation is different from others...but after near cervical cancer, cancer in the family, and then the malignant cyst discovered during another surgery that lead to a hysterectomy, I have not had anyone tell me that I cannot be doing this. But, then, I am armed to the hilt with research to cite...just in case.

Ok, and just so you all know since I think I am starting to sound like a one man band with no interests outside of bioidentical hormones...I do have a very nice sense of humor and I even have a lot of fun now and then:)  Best to all my cysters! Mary


Progesterone has numerous beneficial effects on the brain and nervous system, including supporting myelin formation and activating GABA receptors.123 Progesterone has also been seen to play a role in the reduction of ischemia in the brain and reduce the inflammatory response post traumatic brain injury.124, 125 A review of progesterone in the brain suggest viable therapeutic possibilities for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as for repair processes and for preserving cognitive functions with age.126

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NO I don't think you are a one man band at all, you are very kind and concerned for the health of others.  You have had good results, after some hard work and research, and you are willing to share! FAB! I think you are wonderful!  As I tell you daily, I SO appreciate your information and I know Sleepy Debi does too.
Suzanne Summers discusses at length in her book (very fun and readable) (don't buy it, get it from the library) as to why she chose to use natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy EVEN having had breast cancer.  It's an interesting read.  She has a cute website too.
One thing that never occurred to me was, (where have I been?) she still has periods, as she has a uterus, and if you are on HRT your periods continue. Yaaaaay a good thing to not having a uterus! Thanks again Mary
Love, Katie
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Hey Katie, You are a sweetie! I guess maybe I am too concerned about sounding like a broken record. I guess I should remind myself that the record has not really been out all that long (information about the bio's of course). I just hurt for all of the women who are suffering and might not realize that there might be other options out there, and I am not talking about Black Cohosh. It's like..."oh, well, you've had your surgical menopause, now...go on your way, oh, and good luck with all of this."

I have had nurses and other practitioners ask me why I am taking progesterone along with my (bio)estrogen. Grrrr... they are refering to the fact that I don't have a uterus. And, this is confusion again with HRT in that women on synthetic estrogen (HRT) must take synthetic progestin (HRT) to protect the uterus from cancer concerns and it has to do with the fact that they are taking the synthetic estrogen in the first place, so there is misunderstanding there. Bio progesterone will protect the uterus, and the breast..and, the brain without the side effects of synthetic HRT.

There is so much interesting information out there about all of this.

I have copied and pasted the summary from the report on the website that DebiR posted (Womeninbalance.org)

Heck, I almost copied most of the report, but, well, we'd have to start a few new threads if I did that. Take care, Mary


The use of bioidentical hormone therapy is well tolerated, provides symptom relief, and can address many of the health needs as well as the individual preferences of menopausal and perimenopausal women. Physicians are encouraged to take the time and effort to help women determine the regime that best suits their needs. This includes taking a woman
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i'm glad you all are getting educated as to the different options for hormone replacement and I wanted to point you all to a new FDA report today:

thought you folks taking bio's, BHRT, would be interested in this report today from the FDA saying that bio's are not better than taking the individual hormones separately.  In fact, it can help to take them separately to individually adjust the dosing for each hormone:

FDA informed healthcare professionals and patients that the Agency sent letters warning seven pharmacy operations that the claims they make about the safety and effectiveness of their so-called "bio-identical hormone replacement therapy," or "BHRT" products are unsupported by medical evidence, and are considered false and misleading by the agency. The pharmacy operations improperly claim that their drugs, which contain hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and estriol (which is not a component of an FDA-approved drug and has not been proven safe and effective for any use) are superior to FDA-approved menopausal hormone therapy drugs and prevent or treat serious diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and various forms of cancer. FDA is concerned that the claims for safety, effectiveness, and superiority that these pharmacy operations are making mislead patients, as well as doctors and other healthcare professionals. Compounded drugs are not reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness.

Patients who use compounded hormone therapy drugs should discuss menopausal hormone therapy options with their healthcare provider to determine if compounded drugs are the best option for their specific medical needs.

Read the complete 2008 MedWatch Safety Summary including a link to the FDA New Release regarding this issue at:

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I have about a minute before I need to start my crazy morning routine so I can get out the door and head for work.

I was waiting for this article to come up. With all due respect, I will say that I was quite upset after reading the article the other night. There were so many holes and biased opinions in the article in many respects. I hope if you read it that you pay attention to the comments from the compounding pharmacists who own the pharmacies that were cited for pushing Estriol, the weak estrogen that is newer to the US than in Europe....and the real reason these pharmacies were cited in that the study/FDA/organization pushing to make a stink about all this is because they felt some of the claims were over and beyond what the hormones can actually do for you ...and some of this had to do with just making sure you were working with a doctor regarding all this....etc....(Sorry..I am going to be late for work if I get too worked up here!).

The other thing is this...the reason I became so upset upon reading this is that many of the quotes (and I will reread this article, but as I recall, much of the stink was raised by the organization called the North American Menopausal Society (NAMS...for the sake of my time right now) and the comments in the article were from a man who works for NAMS. WEll. Here is the clincher....NAMS is an organization run and supported by Wyeth. Wyeth...the company that brought us their answer to the bios from the 50's and 60's ...Premarin, Prempro...the hormones that were used in the WOmen's Initiative that was shut down a few years ago (a study with flaws of its own).

Two years ago when Katie Couric presented info regarding hormones ...HTR and BHTR (the bios) she interviewed the head of NAMS. HE said the bios and regular HTR (Prempro, etc) were no different inside the body. I was livid when I heard this. WEll...the night after the two part study with Couric was aired......THERE WAS A retraction from this man. He said he was wrong and that in fact the body recognized the two different catagories differently and apologized for misleading the public. I think I am the only one in America who saw the Retraction.

I need to stop....I really love my job. But, this is almost bigger to me...this subject. I thank God for many FDA approved drugs. I am not anti Pharmaceutical...or anti drug, if you will. I am anti...what? not looking into ALL the details...The FDA does not approve of much of the testosterone out there.  It is used "Off Label" when used for women (at least the type I use)....I am sorry...at 54 I cannot wait 30 years for the FDA to approve of it when after three months following my rad. hyst...I was in the doctor's office crying saying that for the first time in my adult life I found sex disgusting. Two weeks later with a several times a week application of testosterone ...I felt a little bit like a woman again. Now my spouse is going through the whole thing as he is actually in Estrogen dominance if you can believe it. But it is different for a man and he is being fully worked up and will most likely start treatment soon. I hope so. Things are definitely not the same around here.

I know this will be disjointed and I do hope I am expressing respect for the doctor who pointed out this article...and, I am not a doctor as I remind you all so frequently...but, I have spent seven years studying and following and using this stuff....

One more thing. The article said you can still get into trouble using the bios. Right I hear that. If you are not balanced...if you don't work with a professional. I was out of balance for years in my own body...in such an imbalance...if only I knew then what I know now. The theory is that this imbalance was the cause of my cancer and my dysplasias prior to the cancer dx.  My estrogen had taken over my body. Estrogen does not have to be a bad thing necessarily....quite the opposite. But, out of balance without the Progesterone.,..what my body was starting to NOT make....that got me into trouble.

Oh my gosh...off to work.
I will check in later..

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Good for you! I agree with you. I don't put much stock in Approved items. Not when they keep stuff on store shelves that are toxic. I have to order my cleaning supplies online, just to get stuff that won't hurt my family. Everything I use from  make-up to my toilet bowl cleaner is non-toxic. I can't see how something natural can hurt you and something man made can't. I think there is a flaw in that thinking. I'm a true believer in that the answer is out there, but man is trying to make it, not find it.
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First of all, hello to Paula :)
FYI...regarding this latest uproar (to me it's an uproar) regarding this old post and the reason it surfaced again (because of a warning put out to 7 pharmacies (compared to what? thousands...) and the  warning letter concerning the natural estrogen called Estriol (Most abundant during pregnancy). I just wanted to say that this issue is addressed in the latest letter to subscibers of the blog for Dr. Erika Schwartz. I do believe it is open to all and you just have to navigate her website (which is pretty clear fortunately) to read up on her comments.

Interestingly, under very specific guidelines estriol actually gained approval to be used in the US, yet Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (makers of Premarin and Prempro) has trying yet again to get the bioidentical hormones banned in the US.

Anyway, I thought I would point out the article in case anyone is interested.

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