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ovary loss raises 'dementia risk'

Just read an article in BBC NEWS indicating a possible increase in Parkinsons, dementia and  Alzheimers found in women who have had oopherectomies for whatever reason.
Hmmm...if it's not one thing it's another.
Peace, Ladies!
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Heck, most people would think we are demented anyway!!!! lol
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LOL. I read the same article and thought the same thing!!!
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It's nice to have a "medical excuse", though...just like the hot flashes are an excuse to eat ice cream!  Oh well, the next time someone peeves me on the highway, he better watch out!  LOL!  Instead of "Baby on Board" signs in our cars, we should put signs that say "Demented Hormonally Challenged Battalion Member On Board".

Gail :)
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I love it!   Here's your sign!!!
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It reminds me of when I had my thyroid removed.  One of the members of the thyroid cancer forum said she felt like she just wasnt as sharp after removing the thyroid.  My thought was "great, I wasnt that sharpt to begin with and now I am going to be less????"
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While caring for an elderly female dementia patient, her doctor and I discussed his recommendation of the use of hormone replacement therapy for this very reason.   (Her doctor was a geriactric specialist.)   Unfortunately, other studies show risks of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer from HRT, so a patient and her doctor would really have to discuss and weigh the costs and benefits before the administration of such drugs.
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