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ovary removal in the age 24

helo i'm 24 years old. i'm facing an irregular period cycle from my first period. that is why i first consult a doctor and he found that i have an ovarian cyst which is removed through a lapharotomy operation in 2008. my doctor saved my both ovary as i was so younger at that time only 19 yrs old. then i've given a 6 cycle chemotherapy. now after 6 yrs it is seen recurrent of another cyst in my right ovary again. still not sure that is cancerous or not. but considering my previous history my physician telling that i need an urgent operation where it may needed to remove my both ovary and uterus also. but it will be decided in the time of operation she cant assure me anything now. me and my boyfriend have just got married last year and we don't have any baby yet. i'm so scared what to do now? if i have only problem in my right ovary then why it is needed to remove both ovary and uterus also in that early age? wont it cause any problems further? please help me by answering. thanks in advance.
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