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I am 29 years old and have been having severe abdominal pain since November.  When the abdominal pain first started I thought it was just another kidney infection, but the pain kept getting worse.  After about 24 hours I was being taken to the ER because the pain was so severe.  A CT scan was done and the diagnoses I received at that time was that I had inumerable kidney stones and slightly enlarged lymph nodes.  After about two weeks I finally passed what we thought were sereral kidney stones.  When they were analysised they turned out to be dried blood clots.  A second CT Scan showed that I still had innumerable kidney stones however there was such a drastic change in my lymph nodes that the radiolist was concerned.  My doctor scheduled me for a colonoscopy which did not show anything.  The did do a biopsy of my colon which also came back normal.  When I began spotting my physician scheduled me for a ultrasound which shows two ovarian cysts.  He does not believe that these cysts are anything more than where I was in my cycle and does not believe this is what is causing me my pain.  According to the report I received from the hospital where the ultrasound was done the cysts consume half of my ovaries.  He also does not believe that the enlarged lymph nodes that were discovered in the CT Scan means anything.  At my request he has contacted the radioligist who recommended more testing.  I currently have a appointment scheduled for a OB/GYN and I have a PEP Scan scheduled pending insurance approval.

What could the dried blood clots mean?  Could that be what shows up in my kidney on the CT Scans and not kidney stones?  Could the ovarian cysts be more than what my doctor thinks?  What could the enlarged lymph nodes mean?
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Hi There
based on your description, I suspect this is all from the kidney stones. Have you seen a urologist?

Ovarian cysts come and go with the menstrual cycle. It is hard to say more without a more compete description of the cysts. Do you have a copy of the CT scan report and the ultrasound report that you can type in here?

thank you
take care
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