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pain in lower left pelvis--scared!!

I'm 34 years old. For maybe a month or so I've had pain in my lower left pelvis. It's not excrutiating; it kind of comes and goes in intensity, but it hasn't interfered with my normal functioning. It's always sort of there though.

It stopped during my period last week but came back right after.

I'm scared out of my mind. I have a dr appt on Monday. I've read over all the ovarian cancer symptoms and I feel like, in retrospect, I have had some noticable gas (belching) for a while; I can't be sure how long, as I never realy paid much attention to it. Today though I had a really bad episode of painful gas. My digestive system has been totally messed up lately but I think that's in large part because I've been in a state of panic and anxiety over the thought of cancer.

Please can someone offer me words of encouragement before I drive myself insane! I feel like I'm going to lose my mind.
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Hi there I have recently been going through every single symptom of ovarian cancer. Had pelvic and t/vaginal ultrasound and they found complex masses on both my ovaries. I was a total wreck and convinced it was cancer as I seemed to have every single symptom. On the 14th September I attended the gynaecology unit at the hospital and they arranged for me to have bloodwork, mainly to test my CA125 level as this is a tumor marker. I just got back from my doctor and I got the results. Everything looks fine! My CA125 level was at 9 which is perfectly normal. I was so convinced it was cancer. Your symptoms will definitely become worse if you are scared and anxious. I know because I suffer clinical depression and
anxiety and the last 5 weeks of my life have been torture! I have been so stressed that my periods are completely out of whack and I seem to have alot of constipation and diarheah. You are doing the right thing going to your doctor but keep in mind you are only 3 years younger than me and ovarian cancer is rare in women of our age. It is far more likely to be cysts or some simple explanation. We women are physically very complex so we seem to have never ending problems in the reproductive area. Please try not to worry as 99% of the time it is an innocent problem and not cancer.
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thank you Oz! I know what you're saying makes perfect sense. I know that if a friend had the symptoms I have, I'd suggest she see a dr but I'd think it was really unlikely it's something serious.

I'm just an extreme worrier. Earlier this year I had a sore in my mouth and was convinced I had oral cancer. I keep reminding myself about that incident and all that panic I had over what turned out to be nothing.

I wish the best to everyone on here living with cancer or supporting a loved one with cancer. I so hope that someday (soon!) we have a cure for this--it really breaks my heart to read about the suffering that's caused by a disease like this, not just to those afflicted but to their families too.
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PS to Oz: congrats on your clean bill of health!
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You are so much like me! I too had a sore inside my cheek that I was convinced was cancer (i am a smoker). I then could feel a lump inside my throat for months-must be throat cancer! Went to doctors who all said I was panicking for nothing but I did not belive them. My mother and father died from cancer and so did a couple of my grandparents so I am a definite fatalist when it comes to my health. I also am a chronic worrier and it doesnt matter what anyone says to me I still worry. I totally understand where you are coming from sister. Keep us posted. Best of luck from Australia! I am thinking of you!
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So on Friday my pain got really bad and I went to the ER. There I got an ultrasound. The radiologist said he saw signs of a ruptured ovarian cyst on the right side (opposite from where I've been feeling most of my pain). I asked specifically if he saw anything consistent with cancer and he said no (well, what he said exactly was, there are no guarantees in life but I don't see anything that suggests cancer). But I have no idea if he was looking carefully or just going through the motions.

I saw my normal gyn on monday and she was basically unconcerned. She tried to pull up my report on her computer (she's affiliated with the hospital i went to so she has access to my records) but the report was still Pending. She said she felt nothing on my physical exam.

Since them my pain has come back and I'm having awful GI problems--horrible gas and bloating, and strange bowel movements (not to gross anyone out, but they've been much more frequent and softer than normal).

I'm calling the dr tomorrow and insisting that she see me again and review my ultrasound report carefully. I don't even care about the pain i'm in--i just want a diagnosis as to the problem.

Anyway, if anyone has experienced anything like this, I'd love to hear about it.
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hi ,i am experiencing some of this.i am bloated ,i look pregnant,my hip hurts ,my pelvis hurts i feel like i am cramping all the time.i have a lump under my right rib.it feel so big,it is very uncomfortable.i can't eat much because even coffee makes me feel so full!!i went to er and they did ct scan they saw cysts on my liver.i went to have transvaginal u/s,it was clear but my gyn is sending me to a surgeon,i assume to discuss a laproscopy?i have worried about this since august! the er sent me to a gastr.dr and he prescribed me nexium and sent for endoscope and stomach scan in sept. i am still waiting to hear from him for results! i know he did a biopsy i read it in my chart ,but he didn't even tell me.it was on my small intestine. i assume all was well.i still feel like it is female problems though.
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I am 36 years old and was experiencing the EXACT same symptoms as you when I was 33. I had pain in my left pelvic area that was increasing with time. After 2 trips to the ER because the pain was so bad I was vomiting and to the point of passing out, my primary doctor finally became concerned. I had every test in the book done; blood work, urine samples, IVP, CT-Scan, Colonoscopy, Ultrasound, etc. and evrything was clear!  Finally I was sent to a Women's Center where an OBGYN suggested I have a Laparoscopy because she suspected Endometriosis. She first sent me for another Ultrasound where a cyst was found in my left ovary. I had a "Lap" on 12/22/05 and my surgeon was surprised to find my entire pelvic area filled with scar tissue. She removed the scar tissue but was unable to remove the cyst in my ovary. And, as it turns out my left ovary was "dead" because the scar tissue had caused it to essentially strangle itself. She wanted to remove the ovary but we hadn't discussed it ahead of time. Five weeks after surgery I felt great. My OBGYN suggested I have and Ultrasound every 8 weeks to keep an eye on the cyst in my ovary. The cyst persisted and did not reduce in size. I had five months of no pain and then BAM... the pain was back. I called my surgeon and she and I both felt it was time to remove my laft ovary. I had a second "Lap" on 10/9/06 where my left ovary was removed and my entire pelvic area was full of scar tissue again so that was removed as well. When I went to my post-op my OBGYN informed me that the cyst in my ovary was  Endometriosis and it would not have dissolved. Anyway, it's been almost three weeks now since my "Lap". I have some more healing to do before I will know for sure whether my pain is gone for good. bs1114 I wanted to give you my story so if you have the same thing as me you can save the 2 years of testing and inquire about a Laparoscopy and hopefully save your ovary if it's in danger. Good luck to you.
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I have a lump on either side of my pelvic/groin area not sure if I am saying this correctly.   I finally have insurance after about two years without it.  Scared to make appointment.  The lumps are equal on either side.  Is this normal does everyone have this?    
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