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pelvic pain

I am 26 years old....I have 2 children(one 7 and the other 5)....i got pregnant with a third when my son was only 3 months old....i regretfully got an abortion..since then i can not lose weight in my belly...i have extreme pains....mainly during my period and everytime i have any type of penitration...i know i need to see a docter..but im afraid of what it could be...and what i might need done...i just would like some advice and some answers to what might possibly being going on with my body....
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Hi-Welcome to med help' this community of caring online people has helped me greatly.
I am a bit older than you (46) but we seem to have some things in common,Please let me know if I am wrong but in reading your question it seems you have some unresolved feelings over abortion choice, is this true?
I had an abortion at 19 so I understand that ( have 3 sons now). I work in medical field and have dealt with female troubles of my own for 20 years so I do have some knowledge.
If I was going to make an educated guess it sounds to me like you have developed endometriosis.This would have absolutley nothing to do with abortion.Are your periods heavier than before?
I understand being afraid, but even in the very worst case an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No matter what you have and most things are treatable when caught early. You need to force yourself to go to a good gyn as soon as humanly possible.
Ask your friends and other people you know who they go to, do not just pick someone who is close by or randomly. I picked a bad gyn once and it cost me a year of pain and an extra surgery.
I can see you are very much into your children I love their names, THEY NEED THEIR MOMMY. iF NOTHING ELSE GO TO DOCTOR FOR THEM.
A brief history of me and how iknow alot about female stuff. 19, abortion,23 miscarriage , 1st d an c, pregnancy heavy bleeding bed ridden 5 mth. 1 normal pregnancy. 3rd pregnancy he wanted to be born too early was hospitalised entire last 2 mths, many magnesium sulfate (painful ) treatments. Ok until I turned 40, developed painful intercorse, heavy periods, painful periods, back pain, diagnosed w endometriosis. they did a d and c ok for 2 years, same symptoms another d and c also removed endometrial tissue, at 45 pain was un bearable my uterus felt like a brick, got a partial hysterectomy removed uterus (3x normal size and cervix) was ok for 2 mth developed cyst on left ovary. just had both ovarys and tubes removed last thursday, had a lot of adhesions and scar tissue from previous surgerys.So I really get where you are comming from
As far as weight, have you had your thyroid checked??10% of women have hypo thyrodism which makes you gain weight ( dry skin hair and loss of sex intrest , depression also symptoms)
Please contact me after you go to doctors, God Bless==Cherie762
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