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peritoneal cancer / stage 4 colon cancer

My wife is 36 and was dxed with stage 4 colon cancer, after removing part of her colon,  mets to the peritoneal lining were discovered, back in Oct of 07.

She received 6 months of Fol-Fox and then underwent IPHC (Inter Peritoneal Hypothermia Chemotherapy) and cida (sp?) reduction surgery in Wake Forest NC.

We are now being told that she has 64% five year servival ...thats up from 0% !

My question is, What do you all think about banking stem cells and or is there anything else we could do to stack the deck in our favor?

Thank you Larry

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I haven't noticed any of the ovarian ladies doing the stem cell. I do have a friend whose mom was in her fifties with late stage colon that had spread and she is 7 yrs in remission. I will check with her and see if she did anything extra. best wishes.
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Donna, remember our friend that was going to do this at MD Anderson but than couldn't.  

Larry, congrats, your wife sounds like a well tuned car, and in the cancer biz 0 to 64 gets you out ahead of the pack and that is a very good thing.  You might want to look into some of the research hospitals and see what options you have for her particular situation.  One of our buddies on here was going to have a procedure where they would harvest her stem cells, give her 5 chemos in one day, put her in ICU for awhile and than reimplant the stem cells. Yes, that is very involved and very heavy duty but it was with the hope that it would knock it out completely. She was not able to have that treatment after all, but I am sure she would want you to explore every option you have including this one.  Good luck
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