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right side ovarian pain

A few years ago I was an egg donor (actually a few times), but after one of the retrievals I felt a discomfort around where my right ovary would be, the doctor than said it was normal and would go away with time.

That was at about 5 years ago, that tenderness came up throughout the years but never really stayed too long. Now, more and more recently I feel a burning pain on the right side around the same area and the last few days on the left as well but not nearly as often or as intensely, when I lay on my back I can feel by  touch a harder longish "something" too on the right side, which also seem to come and go. I couldn't tie this symptoms to anything, the last 2 months I also have an irregular bleeding, despite that I am on the pill and I am good at taking it regularly. The bleeding usually takes no more than 4 days at any part between my actual periods, it is pretty light, mostly dark brown in color and rather thick almost "skin like", but not much in volume. For years I have a constant lower back-ace at the very bottom of my spine, and I experienced a shooting and numbing sensation into my right leg occasionally.

I don't have health insurance, and I am really scared what might be wrong with me, does anybody have any advice where to turn to in Chicago, which won't cost an arm and a leg for a diagnoses. I am also wondering if I should expect a surgery, so on and so forth.

I turned 35 this year, I haven't been pregnant yet, and   I really wanted to start to have kids no later than 35, can this pain effect fertility?
In many ways my husband and I are not ready for kids, but I certainly don't want to risk of waiting too long.

I really appreciate any advice I can get.

Sincerely, Zs.
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These symtoms are certainly not something to ignore. breakthrough bleeding can be quite normal - trust me I know I just had my trans vag yesterday due to the same thing. Many times it can not even be explained. However the other symtoms you are experiencing are typical with an ovarian cyst. Does the pain come at the same time as the bleeding?

I dont understand the whole concept of insurance because Im from the UK so I can't give any practical adivice about this. However you can NOT put a price on your health. You need to see a doctor straight away and ask for an ultrasound scan and transvaginal ultrasound scan. This will highlight any possible problems with your ovaries and uterus.

I know woman are having babies later and later these days. I am 33 and desperate to have another child although my hubby is reluctant due to finances. I try to tell him if woman waited till they could 'afford' it the human race would die out. Anyway babe seriously, get on with it. Don't wait around - have your babies. Once you get into your late 30's it is harder to concieve and there are many more problems involved with pregnancy. Let us know how you get on!


1/ doc appointment

2/ Get clean bill of health from US

3/ Then the fun part :D make babies

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