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scared my tests are missing something

Hi I wonder if someone can reassure me, I've had lots of ovarian cysts and endometriosis removed over the years...at the moment I'm battling with leg pains and ovarian pain and bloating from ovulation to the onset of menstruation...ive had a barrage of tests including colonoscopy, endoscopy, CT scans, transport vaginally ultrasounds and xrays and also had a ca125 test because I was really worried about ovarian cancer....ive been diagnosed with diverticular disease but no infection and mt doc thinks my pain is due to adhesions...They are not willing to operate because I have no masses, cysts or other signs of problems but I'm scared that it could be something worse...ive seen 3 gynaes and a gi doc and am now being seen by a surgical professor. ..ive be had at least 5 different ultrasounds and as I mentioned lots of other tests...I realise the diverticular ular disease could also cause  cramping and pain but has anyone else experienced having loads of tests and they still missed something...I just want peace of mind
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First off they have done all tests and Ovarian Cancer has not shown up.

Second unless you have the BRCA mutation you have less than a 2% chance or ovarian cancer in your life time.

Third having many ovarian cysts which rupture is probably Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It can cause fertility problems and sometimes when the cysts rupture there can be pain.

Forth Diverticulits is no joke it is painful and debilitating. Stress makes it worse. I have a friend who ends up at the ER many times because of Diverticulitis.

You have a great medical team they have done every test. If it would make you feel better you could have an ultrasound every year.

I have both late stage cancer and Multiple Sclerosis. I do not worry anymore. I am the only one who can give me piece of mind. You can have them do every test there is with negative results and still worry. I believe worry is trying to control the future and you can't. I do not even worry about my mortality any more. I think worrying for me is a childlike bargaining with God if I worry about this then God will keep it from happening. It doesn't work. I have learned from my illnesses to appreciate my life. Whatever is going to happen will happen. I have to make the best with what I have.

Trust your medical team. Sounds like you have a good one.

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I echo HVAC's thoughts. Also, since endometriosis is not curable, you can continue to have symptoms (pain and irregular bleeding) even after many excision surgeries. Hysterectomy with ovary removal is not even a cure.

Having had all those surgeries, there is a good chance that you have quite a bit of adhesions. And endo itself causes adhesions. Adhesions can "glue" organs and tissues together which can affect their functions and cause pain. Adhesions or endo on the bowel can inhibit the natural "spasms" of the bowel and also cause narrowing of the bowel (and even obstruction). And yes, diverticular disease can cause pain and discomfort.

And the problem is that more surgery will cause more adhesions so it is a catch-22 situation.

Some women with endo find that going gluten free helps. Also, eliminating nuts and seeds (especially seeds) from the diet can help with symptoms of diverticulosis or diverticulitis.  

I hope this eases your mind about ovarian cancer and gives you some insight into how to proceed.
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