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severe ovary pain

Hi, I'm new to the board.  Just hoping to get a little input.  I'm 43, have a history of a few cysts on the right ovary over the years, all of which burst and though painful,I never thought much of it.  I have always had pain for a day during ovulation but for the past six months the pain has become severe, debilitating,and longer in duration, making it hard to walk, sleep, etc.  I went to the gyno today and upon finding nothing through a pelvic exam he suggested Depo Provera, which I don't want to take, or laprascopy to look at and perhaps remove the ovary.  I'm wondering what people think about having an ovary removed and if I should try natural progesterone for awhile first. My periods have always been, and are now, regular and normal.  I have no syptoms beyond the excruciating pain for about 10 days per month.
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Hi Mary, No, the doctor did not detect anything wrong with the ovary, nor did he order an ultrasound.  Looking back, I should have requested one.  What he did say was there may be endometriosis which would not show on ultrasound and that laprascopy would let them see what, if anything is wrong.  I have had no tests, only the pelvic exam yesterday.  I am taking Naproxen to ease the pain while I decide what to do.  Frankly, although I am not a fan of mainstream medicine and have managed to avoid doctors and prescription medicine for many years, I am about ready to just have the ovary out if it will mean no more of this pain.  Thanks for your input.
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Actually, I haven't even thought about the insurance/cost aspect!  I'm going to assume that if the Doctor offers it as a treatment alternative to Depo Provera it would be covered?  Or perhaps I have to ask him to "order" the surgery. I'm wondering if there are any other tests I should ask for to determine what's going on before jumping to a laprascopy, or is the laprascopy the standard for diagnosis of any undetermined pain of this kind?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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I am wondering if someone could help me with some suggestions with how i shall proceed with my symptoms. I am 44 and have been having very painful periods with large blood clots most of my life. About the past few years i have had pain, mostly during ovalation on the left side pelvic area. The past year i have lost periods and now i have them twice a month. The pain has increased alot during these periods. Just recently the pain is now constant on the left side. With this change i have had an ultrasound last week. The doctor confirmed i have a cyst on my RIGHT ovary. (I just finished my 2nd period of the month...and i just felt a slight pain on my right...but there is this constant pain that is getting much more on my left side..where they have seen nothing from the ultrasound.)
The doctor would like me to wait 3 more months, understanding to see if this cyst disappears or grows or just is.
I am phoning my doctor this am to make an appointment since i have alarming feelings inside. I have had lazer years ago on my cervix due to displasia (precancer cells) I have had many symptoms longer than i think the doctor realizes and i just feel i need to be Bold to suggest an operation to take out my ovaries. I would like to hear from someone if they have had similiar symptoms and what they have done. I appreciate your time and compassion.
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