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slightly enlarged uterus and thickened endometrium

I just found out yesterday that i have a slightly enlarged uterus and thickened endometrium..I had my last baby 14 months ago and for a while now i have had pain during intercourse..so i went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound...now i have to go see an obgyn.. my question is what could it be caused from why and what can be done...my doctor don't think it is cause I'm about to start cause i ain't due for 2 plus weeks.. and she asked if i planed on anymore kids i have 3 now ages 4,3,14 months all c-section and when i had my last baby the doctor came in and said he don't recommend me having any more so to my uterus being paper thin last time..she said something about quality of life would be better and everything i have been reading online is kinda creeping me out a little and talk about hysterectomy or cancerous.. I'm still pretty young only 22 i know i know don't wanna hear about my age and 3 kids hear it all the time that's not why I'm on this site..I'm here for some answers or advice on what to expect when i go to the obgyn.. or whats going on a little...
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Hi There
your uterus probably reflects having pregnancies. The uterus is always a bit bigger after a pregnancy
it sounds like you are getting a careful evaluation
best wishes
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