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soft tissue infiltration

I have primary peritoneal cancer, diagnosed 5/06. It recurred after remission for 7 months. I have been taking various chemos, but they work for a limited period of time, a few months. My recent CAT scan shows soft tissue infiltration in the left quadrant of my abdomen, with ascites and increasing carcinomitosis. Presently I am on my 6th chemo, taxol. Can chemo be effective on the soft tissues?
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looks like it redirected u to here when u were trying to post on the ovarian cancer expert forum ... i hate that ... can u try again there ?? may god richly bless u
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Wish I had something to help.  I, too, am PPC (my bio has details).  Just wanted you to know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for an effective chemo.  Judy
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