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strange symptoms

I started having strange symptoms about 3 months ago. It started with me waking up feeling like I had a hangover quite a few times. It was almost identical except not as intense as a hangover. I have also been having extreme dizzy spells. I have been having stomach trouble for a month now. I have so many symptoms and new ones are popping up left and right. It started with lack of apetite, insomnia,  and a bulging upper and lower abdomen with this strange knot feeling inside and weight gain even when I was eating less and still exercising. . I see its all in the stomach are and my stomach is really hard. This came on suddenly. I am now extremly dizzy daily am having indigestion, pain in the center of my chest, (sharp pain), feelings of throwing up, weakness and a strange lump on the middle left side of my abdomen just above my belly button. I have hardly been eating and have haulted my regular exercise regimen because its all been so uncomfortable. I have been to the doctors. they ruled out parasites and pregnancy. I do have a heart condition and a mirena iud that I have had for a few years now. I need some hints as to what this may be. I have eliminated all dairy. I have always eaten healthy fruits and veggies daily. I now have pain in my back and its like a crampy pain and also in lower abdomen.  I have gained 7 lbs in last monthI also sometimes get sharp pain at the naval area. I feel as if the doctors think i am making this all up but I would not waste my time or spend money I do not have. I do not have an income or medical. I am a college student and am waiting to get my unemployment back. I just want my life back, to feel good is so important to me. I have symtoms of ovarian cancer and thyroid and pancreas problems. What symptoms set them apart specifically? I really want to know. thank you.

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I'm having similar problems right now. That feeling of a lump/pressure just to the left and above my belly button, bloating, general discomfort, don't feel good when I eat or when I avoid eating. It can't be my left ovary because I had that removed 4 years ago. I'm thinking it may be an ulcer even though I don't have indigestion. I have an appt. in a couple of weeks. This has been going on for ages and I'm tired of the bloating and aches and pains.
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I don't know anything about thyroid or pancreatic issues, but I had a cancerous ovarian cyst 3 years ago.  I got it diagnosed by a Dr. after feeling a hard lump in my abdomen for a couple of months.  She ruled out pregnancy and other issues that could cause bloating and ordered an ultrasound.  Got it out with no problem...except hospital bills.

ONLY a Dr. could tell you, but your dizziness and chest pain sound like they could be heart-related, and the hardness in your midsection could be a cyst, whether cancerous or benign.  

Don't be afraid to go to a Dr. to get these things checked out!  Most physician's offices offer discounts to people without insurance (I didn't have insurance at the time of my diagnosis), or with very low income.  Many cities have health programs for blue collar people, too, that charge fees on a sliding scale, based on your income.  Do some research!  Get answers!  Don't worry!  
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I'm guessng here:  If you find an ob/gyn who has an ultrasound machine in his/her office, then an ultrasound is likely to be less expensive than a CT scan.  It's the first step in ruling out ovarian cancer.   A CA-125 blood test, notoriously unreliable but frequently used, is another step the doctor might take to rule out ovarian cancer.  

Ovca is a pretty rare disease.   But you do want to know for sure that you don't have it.  And in any event you need to learn what's causing your discomfort.  

Good luck and God bless ...
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Thanks for all the comments! greatly appreciated annalaura
! I have gone to the doctor. Had some blood work done so far. They tested thyroid, kidneys, liver, sugar, anemia, and cholesterol. The only thin a little elevated was cholesterol. I am still overly bloated with no apetite. I still have all same symptoms only now i am more out of breath than ever ecspecially if I acidently overeat. I have started taking more of my anxiety pills and upped my dose of beta blockers but there not working so I know this is not anxiety I have come to find the white tea i have been drinking is making me dizzy because of the cafeine, didnt think it had much at all?? but at least i have go that under control. However My waist is still growing even though I have been eating less and less.?? everyone thins i am just getting fat.  it was at 37 inches before christmas and is now 40?? I measure every few days now and keep a log of what and when i eat. The lump in the middle of my stomach is growing too. I am just tired of the doctors giving run around and all the expensive testing without insurance. I would like to narrow it down to a few things before i get more tests. I go for a gi scope next month. I have done hours of research and have seen similar symptoms for heart problems, gallbladder and ovarian cancer but nothing really helpful. I have mainly read articles from other people who are sick. its really sad. I will definately get and ov. ultrasound done thanks again! god bless
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I thought it was a common disease that killed alot of women? I used to watch doctor oz and thought thats what he said. They wont do that ca 125 test either i guess its too expensive. I am suprised to hear ts unreliable. thank you for the great info!
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I am sorry to hear about your ovarian problems. Do you remeber your symptoms? glad to hear you beat it!! I did get a good discount from local doc but there tests are limited but its better than nothing!
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