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structure on ovary

Hi I recently had a sonogram that showed a 2cm anechoic structure on my right ovary. I have no idea what this means and it is and I do have a Dr. appt untill Monday. My symptoms have been break thru bleeding , blot clots during mensis, sharp pain on my left side right before I start my period, sporadic cervial pain during intercourse. I just ended a 6wk period before that I was having 2wk periods. My abdomen seems distended
and bloated, even though I am obese I can tell the difference.. Since I am 49 and have 1 fallopian tube I just thought these symptoms where a natural progression of peri-menopose. My left ovary, the one without the fallopian tube is half the size of the right one. Any one experience this or know what anechoic structure means?
Sincerely, Worried
Pearl Lady
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Yes, you  have the classic symptoms of perimenopause!!  I bet that you have also had a few episodes of  outright panic attacks and perhaps some instances of racing heartrate and strong  heart palpitations to go with the rest of these symptoms.  Then, you go to the doctor, and the doctor runs tests, but nothing shows up as being "wrong" with you, so you are told it must be in your head...or that you just need to 'lose weight'??  Right??!!  Been there, done that!!

In my case, I finally found a good doctor.  She explained that in some cases the symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalances, which are a normal part of perimenopause, and that often the symptoms are due to an excess of estrogen.  She prescribed for me a ten day per cycle regimen of natural progesterone capsules, that helped me immensely.  Since my surgery, I have only one ovary, a small one at that, I am not having these  severe problems and I no longer need to take the progesterone.
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Msy I ask what kind of surgery you had and why?
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I know that "anechoic" means that the structure does not return (in other words, 'bounce back') sound waves during an ultrasound test.  I think --but I cannot state this for certain so I could be totally wrong about this-- that a cyst that is anechoic is a simple cyst, with no walls or septations within it, and that is often the ultrasound 'signature' of a normal or functional cyst.  These are benign structures that form during the normal monthly cycle of the ovary, and  normally these resolve on their own.  Of course, cysts in general tend to be benign; only some 1 to 2 percent of cysts are found to be malignant.

Your other symptoms were much like some of mine just before the discovery of my cyst.   I had a benign endometrioma removed last year. During my surgery for the removal of my cyst, my doctor discovered that I have a severe case of endometriosis.    The symptoms of endometriosis are  much like the symptoms you describe.

When I was growing up, I listened to older women complain about menopause.  Personally, I think that menopause will be blissful compared to the hormonal roller coaster of perimenopause!!
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Dear Mickey Vikki,  Thank you for your response I really needed to talk to someone about this. I am a emotional roller coaster at times and extreamly fatiged with no libido. Other times I am doing super woman multi tasking and working my toosh off in my garden. For the last 5 years I have been on multiple anti depressant medication for uncontrollable crying, anxiety, sleeplessness,depression and extreem moodiness. I have at times excrutiating low back pain with no medical explanation. Dr. says oh its just a muscle spasim. My muscle and joints will start hurting for no reason then go away. I feel like I must be a crazy,hyocondriac, and this is pretty much how they ( Dr.s) treat me. My husband and family are tired of hearing me complain so much and I feel so alone. So Thank you so much for being there.
Lady Pearl
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I had a large endometrioma on my left ovary.  I had laparascopic surgery to remove the cyst, the ovary, and the fallopian tube.  My doctor also discovered during surgery that I have a severe case of endometriosis, and she cleaned up as much of that as she could.
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You ladies are barking right up my tree!!  I had (and am still having) all those symptoms.  I, too know my family and friends have got to be tired of hearing about it.  I didn't know all those things were signs of perimenopause.  Soon I will have a surgical menopause-and can't wait for relief from the constant pain and pressure in my pelvic region.  Pearl Lady- are you having anything done about your cyst? has the Dr. reccommended any procedure to get it out?
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Hi r2fant2002,
   I got the results of my sonogram today and had a cosult with a OBGYN. The sonogram shows  bilateral (both ovaries) small cysts and a mildly sick endometrium. The Dr. said he is going to do a in office biopsy, schedualed next week and if there is no cancer then he is going to put me on hormones. So I was somewhat relieved and perplexed about why he came to that conclusion I will make it a point to ask him. From what I understand from reading articles about cysts too much estrogen makes them worse.
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Dear Isa, Best of luck today with your sonogram! I'll be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts.
Huggs from Pearl Lady
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Believe me pearl, you are not the one that feel alone. I have been having many rare symptoms.  Like if they were waiting for me to be 50. Coping with them have been very difficult.  But what I am having right now are the worsts.  I don't related it with perimenopause, who knows... Still having that burning pain on right side from ovary to low back.  Last night it was like a nightmare to me.  Well, although I am scare to death thinking they are ovarian cancer symtpoms.. I have an appointment these afternoon with a gyn doctor.  He does ultrasounds in his office so let's see if he performed one on me ...anyway, I will ask him to make all those tests that they have recommended in here. I know it is not good to be worried before you know results, but those symptoms make me think something is going wrong in my body... it helps writing in here and knowing that you are not alone in that way... that they are out there many strong and brave women that learned how to cope with their situations.  Hope I could be like them.  Have a nice day girls... !!!!
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pearl lady-and everyone-The hormones in BC pills can help discourage the fluid filled cysts (aka simple cysts-that most women have every month but don't even know it) from forming and hanging around.  I, too have had the fluid filled ones in the past-but once they put me on BC pills-I had no moe trouble with them-now I have the big mammas-the solid ones-and they have to be removed and sent for pathology.  The endometrium mih be another story too-depending on how lageit is. They can usually get a good measure of it from the US.  Good luck!!  Sending good thoughts and wishes your way!!!
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Hi Everyone just been to hospital and be told i could possibly have ovarian cysts i have read everyones mail i have most symtomes but no pain just normal cramps at that time of the month just wondering if this is possable. i have got gyn appointment at end of month.
Thank you
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