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symptom of ovarian cancer

What is the symptons or sign of ovarian cancer?. My period has been gone for 3 yrs already and for the last 6 months I have been discharging brown and it smells. One day i went to the bathroom and it felt like fetus came out from viagina. Can you give me infor on this
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Abdominal pressure, fullness, swelling or bloating
Urinary urgency
Pelvic discomfort or pain
Additional signs and symptoms that women with ovarian cancer may experience include:
Persistent indigestion, gas or nausea
Unexplained changes in bowel habits, such as constipation
Changes in bladder habits, including a frequent need to urinate
Loss of appetite or quickly feeling full
Increased abdominal girth or clothes fitting tighter around your waist
Pain during intercourse (dyspareunia)
A persistent lack of energy
Low back pain
Changes in menstruation

If you have any doubts or anything, then  you should go to a GYN...it sounds like you might have an infection.
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