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symptoms of ovarian cancer?


I am new to this forum and have been worrying myself sick about the possibility of having ovarian cancer.  

A quick overview of my symptoms:

For the past 2 years I have had digestive problems- the usual heartburn, diarrhea, abdominal pains, bloating, gas.  I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease after visiting my gastroenterologist and having an endoscopy done.  Two years later, the problems have persisted and gotten worse, this time with pain in my upper right side and upper back area(gallbladder area).  I was diagnosed with having gallstones and had my gallbladder removed a week ago.  

While all of this has been occuring, over the past 4 months I have had very abnormal vaginal bleeding.  My periods have always been regular up until 4 months ago.  I haven't had a "normal" period in about that time.  I have been skipping periods (and no, I am not pregnant- took a million tests).  When I have gotten it, it's for about a day.  The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom.

I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.  I am mostly concerned about the abnormal bleeding, especially since I have always had very regualar periods (my periods normally last around 5 days).

Does anyone have any advice for me or feedback on what could be going on here?  I have an appointment with my OBGYN on Wednesday, but still would like to hear from others about what could be going on.  I am only 29 and just married...too young for all of these problems.  Please help.

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hiyas and welcome ...  i am so sorry about all u have been thru so far
it is mostly understood that a diagnosis of cancer cannot be made until a suspicious tissue is studied by a pathologist
in my case a family practitioner referred me to a gynecologist who sent me on to a gyn oncologist (in my opinion the most qualified to perform the surgery i needed) but u are not near that point yet so i pray u peace

the gyn will do a pelvic exam to feel for abdnormalities (and the pap smear DOES NOT screen for ovarian cancer) ... due to your being symptomatic of possible cysts (we have the best ovarian cyst forum here) he will probably either perform or send u to a tech for a transvaginal ultrasound ... he may order tests like a ct or mri of ur abdominal /pelvic organs and possibly a baseline CA-125

as a fine woman is fond of sayng to me ... relax and dont be frightened ... the best philosophy is not to start reacting until they tell u a definite answer and by then (only if something is wrong) u will have so much practice remaining calm that it will be second nature ... write down all ur symptoms questions and concerns for ur doc appt

try this link ... knowledge is power


god bless u
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Thank you so much for all of your advice and information.  I could very well just be overreacting, but with all of these health issues that have been going on with me, I don't take anything lightly anymore.  

I am hoping that it is nothing, and if it is something, that it may just be some cysts or something simple that can be fixed.

I will check out that website.  Thank you again for taking the time to chat with me.

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