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transfusions / low blood counts

Red blood cells, platelets, procrit, nuelasta, chemo, red blood cells, platelets, procrit, nuelasta, Chemo?  Seems to be a theme for me the last 2 months. Does anyone one have natural solutions to raise cbc levels ? Withe

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Sorry, but I don't.  Try to keep up your protein (eggs, meat, fish, peanut butter).  I think it is just the nature of the beast.  Wish I had a better answer.  Judy C
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I didn't have any better luck than you are having -- when I finally went on Doxil it didn't affect my blood counts negatively but it beat the **** out of me........Try iron supplements, protein, and rest and foods heavy in iron --  I was down to a hemoglobin of 5.8 before they transfused and my platelets were so low that I bled in my mouth when I went on an airplane -- I wish there was something more substantive I could suggest, but I didn't have much luck either......we just get so beaten up that the bone marrow doesn't recover fast enough
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Doing iron supplements 3x a day, eating my proteins and greens.  My marrow is really beaten up, I really have caught a break from chemo since 2003. Guess this is the price one pays. I have been thinking about  alternative treatment methods but unsure how to start...any suggestions ? Withe
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I also read raisins and brazil nuts. I did it once or twice, and it did seem to help. I may go get some now, I have some, I haven't thought about it lately. Walmart has the brazil nuts in a pkg. already shelled, and I get the little boxes of raisens. Once you open the seal they dry up, so I put the extra little boxes in a ziplock bag. Mom believes calves liver helps, and she fixes some in a skillet with onions and a little gravy. Actually tastes good, maybe my body knows what it needs. Of course the greens and spinach are good too. Good luck......Love Donna
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A friend suggested the supplement EpiCor as a supplement to everything going on -- I just started it this morning but she gave me the equivalent that they mix in with farm animal feed because it's cheaper.  The EpiCor is available online somewhere -- you can probably google it -- It has selenium in it and resveratrol (they are doing some trials with selenium and ovca and it seems to be doing someting and the other stuff is what they say is in red wine that helps the immune system balance itself) -- I'm also taking Vitamin D3, Calcium, Vitaminin C (1000 units) and a multivitamiin --- I've never taken vitamins or supplements before but when they told me I'm not in remission I should just try Arimidex to keep it under control I said the heck with that and figured I'd try this stuff.  I'm staying away from the mushroom stuff though -- that makes me uncomfortable because my doctor was concerned about not really knpwing the effects of the mushrooms with the other stuff I'm taking.  I can't even look at calves liver much less eat it.........but the iron supplements and dried apricots, chick peas etc are high in iron and can't hurt.  I don't know who I would trust for alternative medicine --- you might want to good Beth Dupree -- she's a breast cancer doctor who believes in the alternative stuff ---- I wish I knew who my sister went to for it but it was in DC and 15 years ago (and it didn't help her) -----maybe someone at CancerCare.org or the ACS can recommend some alternatives --- I'm just using what I read helps and can't hurt....we'll see -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the epicor equivalent-- it was written up in an Alternatives newsletter which I think is on line.
I had some break since I was diagnosed in 2003, but clearly not long enough -- My bone marrow objects to working when I'm on  chemo (other than the Doxil)
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Researching Epicor and ran across this thread.  Just stopping by to offer advice -- not a doc, but a chem major into alterntive meds since my research is keeping my mom alive (stage IV). Anyway, the Brazil nuts mentioned above are for selenium.  They are one of the best food sources, however, I'd recommend supplement form.  These aren't miracle cures.  They simply augment potential shortages in our poor american/modern food supply.  But the FDA is making sure the best alternative solutions aren't well advertised. The adjustments you have to make to diet and supplements are extensive if you want to see results... but they will help... no miracles... if done correctly.  And everyone is different, so the solutions have to be adjusted to your personal situation for best results.  I know this isn't helping much, but you should investigate Epicor (I give my animals the feed grade and my father of 90 years also takes it).  Epicor at 2-3 caps daily will modulate blood chemistry and help you in many ways -- it's an awesome product. I see it attach Lyme disease, knock out warts and reduces colds, basically modulates the immune system. The other thing you should check out is Avemar or Ave.  The CA markers have been very responsive to it and using that, diet, Epicor etc. have reduced bone mets significantly - no pain meds now.  Radiation and chemo are double-edged swords.  Chemo is tough and all too often fails by itself because it trashes the immune system, which is part of the reason you get cancer in the first place.  Epicor should help. All the WBC counts are just getting better while on chemo, not worse.  Swanson Vitamins is a great place to go for good prices on the Epicor.  Keep the faith and good luck.
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