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update on Crecco

Just wanted to let you know, Chris is going thru a rough time of it lately. She is in, and out of the emer. room with issues concerning her blood pressure, severe headaches, and abdominal pain. When I spoke to her yesterday, she was to call her own doctor today, to see what he thinks she should do. I am hoping she is able to see him personally, or get in to the larger hospital in Effingham(sp?). The smaller hospital by her home, keeps sending her home, and she ends up having to go back in and wait 3 hours for help. At the moment she is staying with her mom, who is taking good care of her.
   I will talk to all of you when I return, renewed and fighting, after 3 weeks in Florida. I am looking forward to seeing my brother and sister, as well as hopefully meeting Colleen , for the first time. take care all, and keep an eye on Chris for me, and I hope she hears some good news from her doctor, and that they will be able to continue her chemo regiment, as she was so happy the numbers were going down.
Love and Hugs
butterfly Tc
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Hi Chris, I'm sending you lots of prayers that you finally get to see your Doctor.. Please take care of yourself. Praying that your numbers keep going down and down.
Love, Terry
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I am so sorry she is having a hard time.  I have had severe stomach pain myself, and I know how scary and awful it is.  

I hope you have a great trip.  I am glad that you and Colleen will meet.  Have fun with your brother and sister.  

Love, Marie
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Thanks for update, I had noticed Chris has not been on in awhile....I hope she gets some answers....

Have a great trip, say Hi and give Colleen a hug from all of us.....Hope to talk soon........

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I'm so sorry you are going through this Chris.  I am sure you will be up and about and your cheery self soon.  Having mom to help should be a big relief.  I know you, and you try to do to much on your good days. Don't do that this time okay?  You have a world of friends here and we are all praying that you get this fixed.  Abdominal pain is horrible & no one should have to put up with it, especially a cancer patient.

If you read this, you need to INSIST that they send you to a larger hospital where they will know more about what they are doing.  You have cancer & I'd think they would take that a little more seriously.  Can you not go to the bigger hospital yourself or is this a problem with your insurance company?  I know you have had to battle them in the past.  I hope that is not the case.

TC, thanks for letting us know.  Enjoy your trip; you certainly deserve it.

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You know I am thinking about you, have missed your posts for some time now, figured something was wrong,  get the help you need and make them listen,  will be looking forward to the time when you come back.  Marty
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Thanks for the update butterflytc.  I hope you have a wonderful trip to Florida.  My son is going there for a week over spring break with a friend (his grandma lives in Tampa).  I hope you know that I think of you all the time.  Be safe. Love you

You too are in my thoughts daily.  I hope you get to see Dr. Dee so  you can figure out what is going on.  I know how much you like him (as does my dad).  Don't worry about us on here, you just take care of yourself and do what you need to do so you can come back here soon.  I will be in Effingham sometime the week of April 6th.  Maybe I can come and visit you and I can do anything you need help with.  Love you.  Praying for you too.  Kasie
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Dear Chris,
I knew something was wrong when you stopped posting, I also hope you get to the larger hospital and get relief from the problems causing the pain. It has to be diagnosed, addressed, and eliminated ASAP..
Your support group, and cheering section are behind you, you know that.
Feel good soon.
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    Just to say how sorry I am that you're having to deal with this !! Hoping you're able to get into the larger hospital where maybe they can get a handle on it .Take care!..you're missed.......

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Chris has appt. set up with her oncologist for Weds. for the time being she is on pain meds, staying with mom and sleeping quite a bit.Her sister told the doctors about the hospital emer. and the long wait with no answers. They were quite upset about it. Thank goodness she will see her own man now on Weds.
    Thank you for the well wishes on my trip, I will talk to you again in 3 weeks time. Til then take care please

butterfly Tc
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Chris.......so sorry you are having this rough time now kiddo. Miss you on the JH board and IM. So looking forward to better days kiddo. I hope you can get into that bigger hospital for help too.  Hugs and be well......Jan (from JH board and TT buddies)
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Thanks Tc for posting this!! I have been so worried about Chris when I haven't heard from her so thank you. I can't wait to meet! Really looking forward to it :)

I am so sorry you are going through so much right now and it isn't right! I am glad to see that you have an appt. with your onc. Wed. Maybe now you will get some help. Jan is right, you need to be seen at the bigger hospital. Obviously you are not being helped at the one you are going to. I want to see you feeling so much better! Please don't overdo things and let Mom take care of you. We love you! Colleen
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TC Thanks for the update.....enjoy your trip...a well deserved rest!!!!

Chris - hope you are feeling better soon and they find out what is causing these issues.  I know that high blood pressure can cause horrid headaches.

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Chris you are in my prayers.  Scream, yell and stomp your feet till someone listens to you and sends you to the proper hospital where you can get the necessary help you need. Lean on your Mom to help you.  Don't try to do it all yourself.

TC - you are also in my prayers.  Have fun in Florida and enjoy the sunshine and come back all refreshed and tanned. Can you send some of that warm weather to Maryland for me PLEASE!


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