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I would like to ask you to watch this video and come back and post your thoughts, we do not have "years" to wait on a cure, the squeaky wheel getting the attention,  I feel like shouting now,  it seems to me like they are bringing us right to the edge of treatments/research and then let the other shoe drop,  I have watched this video several times,  if they need human guiena pigs  I am sure a line would form,   the way to the video is  {  Youtube burning salt water could cure cancer }   this man has the pharmacutical companies after him and he said NO,   We need to start pushing and screaming if necessary to get things moving, hearing the FDA say it will be  2, 5, 7 yerars before a drug is ok  is not acceptable.  I don't know if this is one of the answers, but in the chance that it could be, I want to know.  Marty  
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Thanks Marty.  When I hear an MD Anderson Dr say that burning salt water will kill EVERY kind of cancer cell, I believe him.  I want you ALL to look at this PLEASE.  Here is the link to a page that has all the stories on it.   The itch in the get along here is that it will kill all cells and they have to find a way to deliver it to just the cancer cells.  BUT, YIPPEE

Just a little advice, unless you are looking for a reason to get really mad DON'T watch the woman that says she cured her cancer with The Secret.  If it was that easy I would spend all day blowing happy smoke up my a&&.  Thanks for the expression, you know who.  I don't know if you want people to know you talk like that.  :-)  

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Marty - this gave me goosebumps...I feel it, this could be IT! It sounds quite simple and logical once they find the way to distribute it. I would offer myself right now for a study. Love ya
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Wouldn't it be something if this comes true? It would hit the oil  and the phamacutical companies in the wallets and start a whole new energy therory and cure one of the costliest and horrible disease on earth.  God gave us the land, the sky and the sea, we use the land and are exploring the air space  but the largest part of this earth is unexplored, the very water filling those seas.  Could this be the Saving Grace we have all been praying for?  I like you Jan and Deandra,  am very hopeful that at last, some one  has the   innate knowledge to work out solutions to  2  great problems facing mankind.  God Bless this man and I hope he conquers  his own cancer  but is able to prove his therorys to the resat of the world. He sounds like a very humble man to me. I am adding him to my daily prayer list that he succeeds..  Marty
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Very interesting , and I hope true. It is so sad to think our health is so tied up in pharma companies making big bucks. Something is so wrong with this picture. I am not happy that he has cancer as well..but perhaps seeing that he does? he will have much more invested in getting this approved, but even 2 yrs. is just too far away.
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