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has anyone suffered from green or brown vomiting.  I had ovarian cancer which recurred and i was receiving chemo and then developed a partial small intestine blockage.  went to hospital , no food then sent home brought back to hospital for surgery.  After surgery developed a fistula which is being treated.  Now at home, started to vomit green or brown bile.  doctor took exray and it showed no obsttrution; only fluid in intestine. .explained may have a slow working bowel.  prescribed steroids and regimen pills.  no improvement in five days.  Does anyone know a remedy for this.
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My mum suffered from dark brown vomitting a couple of weeks ago.  she had to go to hospital with bowel obstruction, and received the same treatment you are mentioning I think.  She also received her chemo while in hospital.  She is coming home today.  Hopefully the treatment has worked.  She hasn't vomitted for the past few days.

Hope you feel better soon
love  xxx
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The following maybe of help to you ladies.

Small-bowel obstruction

Abdominal pain. Most small-bowel obstructions cause waves of cramping abdominal pain. The pain occurs around the belly button (periumbilical area ). If an obstruction goes on for a while, the pain may decrease because the bowel stops contracting. Continuous severe pain in one area can mean that the blockage has cut off the bowel's blood supply. This is called a bowel strangulation and requires emergency treatment.
Vomiting. Small-bowel obstructions usually cause vomiting. The vomit is usually green if the obstruction is in the upper small intestine and brown if it is in the lower small intestine.
Elimination problems. Constipation and inability to pass gas are common signs of a bowel obstruction. However, when the bowel is partially blocked, you may have diarrhea and pass some gas. If you have a complete obstruction, you may have a bowel movement if there is stool below the obstruction.
Bloating. Blockages may cause bloating in the lower abdomen. You may also hear gurgling sounds coming from your belly. With a complete obstruction, your doctor may hear high-pitched sounds when listening with a stethoscope. The sounds decrease as movement of the bowel slows.

Large-bowel obstruction

Abdominal pain. Blockage of the large intestine usually causes abdominal pain below the belly button. The pain may vary in intensity. Severe, constant pain may mean that your intestine's blood supply has been cut off or that you have a hole in your intestine. This is a medical emergency. Call your doctor immediately.
Bloating. Generalized abdominal bloating usually occurs around the belly button and in the pelvic area .
Diarrhea or constipation. Either of these symptoms may occur, depending on how complete the obstruction is. Your stools may be thin.
Vomiting. This symptom is not common with a large-bowel (colonic) obstruction. If vomiting occurs, it usually happens late in the illness.
Blockages caused by cancer may cause symptoms such as blood in the stool, weakness, weight loss, and lack of appetite.

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Just curious...did your doc prescribe Reglan by any chance?  I have Crohn's disease in addition to Ovarian Cancer.  When I am sick to my stomach after chemo, I always vomit greenish bile.  I was given Reglan to help with the excess acid, and because I don't digest food quickly.  It has taken a couple of months to do any good, but I do believe it has finally started to help.  

Good luck to you.  Hope you find some relief soon.

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