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waiting for Biopsy results

Hi, i had a biopsy and D & C on 28 February, said results would take 2 weeks,  if i have cancerous cells would the Gynaecologist contact me as soon as he has the results, or would he wait until my scheduled appt in 8 weeks...    
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Hi there.  That's so scary! No, they most certainly would contact you with any abnormal findings as soon as they have them!  Were you having any symptoms?  What triggered the biopsy and D&C?  
i started having bleeding, either spotting, after exercise, sometimes after sex,  and then started to get constant cramps in lower tummy, so went to doctor thinking i had infection and was sent to a Gynea who said he needed to rule out cancer and so had the procedure...  i had no idea that these were cancer symptoms...
Have you got your biopsy results? I hope there is nothing serious but only an infection. What did your doctor say about the results?
I hope you're doing well!
Best wishes!
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