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weight gain/ loss

Hi ladies,
Just wondering any secrets to losing weight post chemo? I am about to have cycle 6 and i am keen to get the 10 kilos off that i have put on during the treatment. The extra weight makes me crankier, the bloating gets worse and i can barely eat anything due to how bloated i am so YES it is important that i lose the weight. (just for those ppl i  know who are going to say- dont worry about it) it is uncomfortable and i have been battling with my weight for the last 3 years due to the borderline cancer so now that i am finally cancer free i want to take full advantage to finally get my body back in shape.
I am keen to try new exercises- to also strengthen my core section again (i would like to be able to stand up straight again sometime soon :) Also i am keen to try and natural remedies if they work .

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I gained a lot of weight during my chemo due to the steroids even though I pushed myself to walk daily.  As soon as the course was done,  I joined Jenny Craig and lost all of it (25 lb.) within 6 months.  Now, I'm battling lymphedema in my left leg and am having trouble maintaining my weight again.  If it's not one thing, it's another!  Good luck!
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If your Dr's office or hospital has a nutritionist I would highly recommend trying that.  At my hospital it was a free service so check it out with yours.  They will formulate a diet plan specifically for you.  If you have any challenges, such as a bowel resection, they can tailor a plan to make sure you are still getting a balanced diet without exacerbating that problem.
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Low carb was also the only thing that worked for me. It still took some time. The chemo and steroids mess up your metabolism so it takes a bit to switch it back around. Exercise really helps with sorting out metabolism too however I was really fatigued and because of the severe joint pain I had during chemo I essentially did no exercise during chemo at all so it was a major shock to the system to try to exercise again. It took ages to get my energy back.
Try not to have unrealistic expectations of how quick this can happen, but the weight does eventually come off.
I like the sound of a personal trainer but ever tried that.
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Hey Mel... Know how you feel!!
I have just joined the gym and have a trainer twice a week to help me get back to post surgery... I am also on a low carb diet... my naturopath put me on this, seems to be working... website is ketoslim.com.au.

hope this helps!
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