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what are the signs Cancer is back.

I had surgery in March.Ovarian Cancer.My last Chemo was in August,50-50 chance Cancer may come back in the next year.Im starting to feel kinda sick mostley in the morning,like morning sickness,but its not that.This started the last few days..Could this be A sign Cancer is coming back?
Sorry spelling not so great..I have an appointment in two weeks,with the Doctor who did the surgery,to check my last CT scan and blood work.
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There are usually no physical signs. The ca125 starts going up if that is accurate for you. It is for me. Then something eventually shows up on CT Scan. My ca 125 have been accurate some women they go up for no reason. Mine came back in six months. The second line chemos are not as bad as the first. I have been on Doxil for over a year you do not lose your hair.


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