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women under 30 with OVCA

Hi ladies,
this is not to exclude anyone but I really need to connect with woman my age to discuss issues that are relevant to us. For 4 years now i have been searching for women in their twenties that have also had to make heart wrenching decisions about children vs hystorectomy, different treatment regimes due to our age and being able to "withstand" more . . . . I would love to hear from any other women with regards to their stories. . . heartbreak and triumphs!

Much love
Mel (now 26)
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Well, I'm not under 30 anymore but I was 34 when dx... a great place to connect with young cancer patients (under 40) is Planet Cancer (www.myplanet.planetcancer.org) or I'm Too Young For This! (www.i2y.com). Both are non-cancer-specific but there are groups for each diagnosis.

I'm not old, just experienced. Sorry to have to meet you like this!

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nice to meet you. I too am still going through it. not fair is it. Well I wish you all the best. stay in touch.

Mel x
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I'm 23!  I don't have a story to tell yet because I'm still going through it, but I just wanted to say hi.
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