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worried about ovarian cysts..cancer?

about 20 yrs ago i had a hysterectomy, still have my ovaries. i have been having pain in my side, put on 30lbs in about 3 mths. most of it in my waist. other symptoms include bloating, gas, acid reflux, pain in the bladder and pressure when i try to have bowel mvnts. usually have problems with my bowels until the last month or so, had a couple of bouts of diarreah. had a internal ultra-sound done. my right ovary is enlarged with a large cyst solid and non-solid. my left ovary has 2 cysts and there is free fluid. i'm 46 yrs old and the only family history is my grandmother died of ovarian cancer many years ago.any chance of this not being cancer. what do you suggest. i go see a gyno in a couple of days. also i need to get something done soon, my job is going to mexico and i will be out of insurance in about 2 months. really stressed!!!
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Not doubt Scared!  
     I am hoping this steels you for action.  Although you have a maternal history of ovca try not to worry, tough, I know!  You are just as likely to be a 99 percenter!  Please expound your Grandmothers history loud and strong!  You cannot afford delay,  I got that and that's the best strategy you have so use it!  MV
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i had a simular experience with semi solid cysts and free flud floating in my abdomen wich turned out to be dermoid cyst wich are alm9ste always begnin
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