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worried about taxol being stopped

my mum has ovca, has had 2 lots of carb/taxol, (one every 3 weeks),yesterday she went for her 3rd combo, but has lost over 1 and a half stone in weight she starting the combo, so they cut out the taxol and just gave her the carboplatin, will she still get the same benefits? i am so worried it wont work as much as having them both, can anyone help or advise on this situation please? god bless
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Welcome to the site.  There are wonderful women here who can give you the answers you are looking for.  All I can offer is my support and my prayers for you and your mom.  Godspeed
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Hi kaz,
Don't worry,a lady who had chemo with me last year had a reaction to the Taxol after the first dose and she took just carboplatin for the next 5 cycles and she's still in remission.Her symptoms were a lot easier and her hair grew back really quickly as well.Lucky bugger!
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thanks so much for your replys, that has made me and mum feel better, god bless!!
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thanks so much for your replys, that has made me and mum feel better, take care and god bless
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Hi from Scotland.   I had carboplatin only in l998 and was in remission for three years.   Had it again in 2002 and in remission for 18 months.   Hope this helps.
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The piece I have to pay attention to through all of this (surgery, taxol, carbo) is that I must trust the decision I have made and go with it.  I chose to do the taxol/carbo knowing that if I reacted to the taxol they would cut back and extend the treatments.  On the other hand, it's recommended I do another round of taxol once the first six are over and I'm not going to do it, my path results were clean and I feel right making this decision.  There is a woman in my church who had surgery for ova cancer when she was in her early 30's, no chemo and banging along in her 70's!  So trust is good--informed trust mind you, but I think fear unleashes weakness in the immune system and we all need strong immune buddies rolling around in our bodies :)
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thanks to all who have responded to my question, you are all such strong and brave women, our love goes out to you all, good luck and god bless!!
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hi, thanks for your reply, we are in the uk also, the thing that worries me even more is my mum is having treatment to halt this terrible illness and hopefully shrink it, but my mums is too advanced to cure, so its not a very good outlook, i just hope my mum is still going to be with me for a long time to come, and all your positive replys make it all that much easier to think positive, so good to hear that you and many wowen are in remission, keep well and god bless!
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