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13cm Dermoid cyst removal, including left ovary : what do I do now?

Hello everyone. I found this site while googling about the surgery I had done yesterday. I had a removal of a dermoid cyst that had grown up to 13 cms in a year and the doctor told me it was the biggest one she had every seen. It completely destroyed my left ovary and ovarian tube and was even wrapped around my colon causing severe, excruciating pain. I found it by a trip to the ER on Thursday and had the surgery done on Monday, it is now Wednesday and i am worrying about everything. I am only 22, with a history of chronic illnesses. I've looked through this site and it seems that most of you who have had surgery had much smaller cysts. Did anyone else have to have c section like surgery ? The did the laparoscopy but also had to cut open the muscles and stuff to really get it out. I've been up and walking today and actually just went to the bathroom by myself for the first time but I am a worrier by nature. Any one have any advice? Or smilie stories ? All would be appreciated. Thank you

Also is it normal for it to be numb around my stomach? What kind of soap should I use while showering? How long before I need to worry about going to the bathroom (#2) I've been taking tons of mirilax and stool softeners but I'm constipated by nature and have been taking pain killers. I have so many questions and can't be calling my doctor every 5 seconds. I posted on here lash night and haven't had any responses.
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What you are feeling is completely normal. I actually had a 10 cm Endometrioma removed in 2007. I have heard of people having 23cm cysts removed and even bigger than that. I too have chronic illness as well and it was good that they got it out laparscopically but am confused if that is what you had as you mention cut open the muscles and stuff and mentioned C-section. Did you actually have an open surgery?

It will take about 1-2 weeks to recover however because your ovary was played with your ovary could be asleep and it could take time for it to wake up so you could come across symptoms like fatigue, moodiness and anything hormone related etc.

You are okay to shower or take a bath, usually around 24-48 hours the incision has attached and started to heal so you don't need to worry about that. Just don't pull at any of it. Let it fall out naturally. Numbing is fine nothing to worry about that sensation will go away. Your body went through something and at times we feel like we are fine but forget that internally we still need to heal and it takes longer.

When is the last time you had a BM? I would keep up with what you are doing but try to not focus so much on the BM unless it goes to like 7-10 days but for the most part after a surgery with someone like you and I and constipation it takes longer.

Try not to worry.  
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You should call a doctor if you haven't had a BM in two days, surgery or no surgery.  But definitely take the stool softeners as the pain medications can cause severe constipation.

My best friend had a 15 cm cyst removed and required a c-section.  I had a 10x11 cm cyst removed, just had a laparoscopy.

What you're experiencing sounds normal.  You should be fine to clean, but be careful not to agitate the incision area or pull at it.
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