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17.5 CM Ovarian Cyst,

Following a bout of suspected kidney stones I was sent for a routine ultrasound in February this year. The Ultrasound showed that I had what was then recorded as a large cyst measuring 14.5 cm and an additional cyst multi occulated with  6 septations and thickened walls.
The ultrasound technician was concerend and refered the results straight back  that day to my GP who also reffered me to the hospital to be seen urgently. After waiting a month I queried the appointment (or lack of) and was told that I would be seen routinely as it was not considered urgent.( i am 41 years old with 2 adult children)
On arriving for my appointment some 11 weeks after the initial scan a consultant ordered immediate blood tests, MRi and TVU. These were all done in 3 days.
My cyst has grown to 17.5 cm btw.
I was scheduled to return to the consultant yesterday but they called to tell me that my case was being reviewed by a multi disciplinary panel??  today and that they would contact me when they knew how they wanted to deal with me.
I managed to get a fax of my blood tests today which are all normal.
I dont think (well I hope) i dont have cancer.
I want to know if anyone else thinks that this has been managed pretty poorly as I am considering asking to be reffered somewhere else, i really didnt like the hospital it was like a cattle market.
If the cysts are not cancer then how urgent is the case to have them removed ... will it just be a case of routine waiting? I dont experience any significant issues from the cysts although they are causing some pressure on my bladder and causing obstruction to it being emptied properley (hence the kidney stones in the first place I think)
Would really like also to hear from anyone who has had a large cyst like this.
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Something that has grown and is that large, I would get another oppinion, now.  Where are you located?  You've waited long enough.
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Hi, I live in North East Hampshire so can choose between about  hospitals in reasonable proximity, I have been put on a list for routine removal.
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I waited two months like I said I'm your other post, and mine was Double the size of yours.
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