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19 cysts and severe pain

Hi I just got home from a TVUS. I was seen by a doctor who said I have three 1cm cysts and 9 small ones on my left ovary and 7 on my right. He thinks that they started developing in November because I have irregular period but started spotting mid-cycle then. He doesn't think that they are serious because I "didn't flinch enough" but yesterday one pinkie finger vaginal inserted for my pelvic exam made me jump out of the stirrups and scream. It was so bad yesterday I was give a shot in my butt, and four different pain killers (which I was on during the TVUS, by the by I gripped that table the entire time in pain the entire time).

I'm a 20 yr old virgin with no history of cysts. I have vomiting, low fever, dizziness, constipation, frequent urination, nausea, tender breast, pelvis region that is sensitive to the touch, and low back pain (left side), as well as very severe stabbing pain over my left ovary.

What should I do to get my doctor's to listen to me and test me for infections and cancer?

What tests or procedures should I ask for?

Finally, does this sound like cancer or is it something else?


Confused and alone
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There really is no way we can tell you if it's cancer or not. The only way one can tell is from any path reports when you have surgery. What did your Dr. suggest you do about the cysts? Usually they are monitored, especially if they are small, for a few cycles. Most of the time they will disappear on their own.  One thing to remember is that cysts are extremely common. Actually they are part of a normal cycle.95% of them are benign so I wouldn't even go there.

To tell the truth (and I'm not a Dr.) ,but some of those symptoms such as the sensitive pelvic region, low back pain , frequent urination are also symptoms of a urinary tract infection.Also, I'm somewhat surprised you had to have pain medication for the TVUS. It isn't usually a painful procedure. I think I'd talk to the Dr. again, spell out all of these symptoms and ask what his advice might be. If you're not satisfied, you might benefit from a second opinion..
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The doctor wants to do nothing about the cysts, he did not even suggest watching them.   I did convince him to let me get some blood work.

He thinks I've had the cysts for at least six cycles which is why I'm surprised he is not watching or treating them.

The pain medication is because I cannot do anything for a prolonged period of time and because I was only able to handle a quick finger insertion for my pelvic exam before I squealed in pained.

My urinary tract is clear by the urinary analysis.

I am getting a second opinion on Tuesday.  
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Good for you! I think that's wise..I think it's a rather odd statement to make to a patient: "It probably isn't serious because you didn't flinch enough" . That is ridiculous..   Good luck and let us know how it goes !
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There is a condition that is called Polycystic ovarian syndrome with symptoms including irregular periods, multiple ovarian cysts as well as other symptoms. You may want to have that checked out as a possibility when you consult with the new doctor, which is an excellent idea.
There is also a board here on MH for that condition that you may want to take a look at or post on, someone may be able to give you more info about this condition so you can have that knowledge when you go to the new gyn.
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The cysts may be small but together they add up to something and that something is pushing on your other organs and causing you pain.  I had surgery last June for what was originally thought to be a 16 cm cyst but ended up being a grapefruit sized cluster of small cysts that had bled together.  Needless to say I was in a lot of pain.  I don't know if I had PCOS (I'm 46) although I know that I had had cysts that burst a number of years before.  Do ensure you ask if these cysts not resolving themselves might affect your fertility or not.  Good luck.
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has been suggested but expect for my weight I don't have any other standard PCOS symptoms. I'm thinking maybe just some sort of cyst, maybe an infection, and hope not but maybe precanerous or canerous. The reason I say that is the pain is so severe and I have those other symptoms. I think the pain thing is ridiculous, I had a failed gallbladder (18% functioning) when I was sixteen for four months so I know I have a relatively high pain threshold. I really hope it's not PCOS because I have IBS and the last thing I want is another chronic problem.

I'll post an update following my next appointment.
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Have you considered seeing a different doctor and getting a second opinion? With the "didn't flinch enough" remark and the fact that he's not acknowledging the fact that you're in pain, he doesn't sound like a very good doctor/not very sensitive to what you are going through. When are they having you come in for your next appointment?

Also, you might want to ask your doctor about starting you on birth control. Even though you may not need it for contraceptive reasons, it can help prevent cysts from forming in the first place. I started taking it right after my surgery at the recommendation of my doctor.  Plus you mentioned you have irregular periods, and it can definitely help with that, too.

I had a softball-sized cyst removed earlier this year, and the first time I knew anything was wrong was when I woke up that morning and felt a non-stop stabbing pain in my right side, where the cyst ended up being. The pain never stopped, and I couldn't keep anything down and kept vomiting. If your pain is severe and constant, then have they mentioned removing the cysts? It is probably painful for you because the cysts are pushing against your ovary or another organ. Mine was so painful because it was twisting with my ovary, so I had to have it removed that day, along with, unfortunately, the ovary it was entangled with.

As far as cancer goes, most ovarian cysts are benign. And since you are so young, your odds are especially high that they aren't cancerous (the risk of cancerous cysts increases with age, particularly with women who have gone through menopause already). Of course I'm not a doctor and can't tell you you're cysts are benign, I'm just saying that the odds are definitely on your side that they aren't cancerous! The fact that you are feeling a lot of pain has nothing to do with whether or not it is cancerous - I was in so much pain I couldn't bear it, but my cyst was totally benign. Cysts are just painful, period.
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