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2 month bleeding, 2 cysts, 2 elevated hormones and 2 lazy doctors...

To give a bit of background...
--I just turned 34
--married 14 months; husband and I were both virgins. Have been actively trying to get pregnant the entire time (except for March-May, see below)
--during last 15 years have had it where every 1-2 years, I will have my period for a month. Usually occurs when stressed.  Went to dr, got some pill given to me (not birth control) that I took 1 pill for 7 days and it stopped. Did not start again after dose was done until it was time for next period. It was 23 months before I had another prolonged period.
--have had a lot of unexplained weight gain. I eat healthy and exercise 2 hrs/day, but still put on weight. Took of 18 pounds over 7 months by walking 3 hours a day, having a job where I was on my feet 8 hrs a day, and eating only 1200 calories. When I changed jobs, weight came back in about 4 months. I have gained about 90 pounds during this time.
--always have had good results annually with physicals - low sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. No abnormal paps. Drs say bleeding is just me being stressed and weight gain is due to not changing up my routine enough.  (PLease note: changed hospital/clinic after marriage because of move and different insurance)

That said, I have been having some female problems recently. In early March, I miscarried at 5-6 weeks. My cousin is a nurse and cared for me rather than going to the dr because I had no abnormalities and it was a very early miscarriage. I bled for 2 weeks. Had a normal period (7 days) in April, but a month long one in May. Called dr, said to come it if it lasted more than 4 weeks. It didn't. 12 day one in June.

In late July, got a long period. Waited for a month before calling the dr (because of what I remembered from May) and then waited 2 weeks for ob/gyn appointment on 9/10. Dr said all was normal with exam, was surprised that I did not have any cramping or pain (the only time I have every had cramps was when I had the miscarriage - I know, I am a lucky woman!), did urine test for pregnancy and had 5 vials of blood drawn. On 9/12 nurse called to say I had 6.22 tsh, 28 prolactin, low T4, not pregnant, not anemic, and didn't have clamydia or gonorrhea (which I could have told them!!!) They had me make an appointment to see a fam prac dr for a physical and an pelvic ultrasound the next week.

Saw family practice dr on 9/13. She immediately said I MUST have a pituitary adenoma or some type of brain cancer/tumor and spent a lot of time poking my face, neck, and head. Also checked vision. Had me make an appointment to get an MRI the next week and an endocronologist appointment on 11/22. Was so pissed that I got in to see a second dr. on 9/16 for a second opinion, but she agreed that an MRI would be good for looking at the pituitary gland.

Had pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound 9/14. Had MRI 9/16. Crazy tumor/cancer dr called 9/17 and told me the pituitary was fine  and the thyroid was really good and that I would have another round of bloodwork in a month. If my levels were <5 for tsh and <27 for prolactin, I was fine. If not, I would keep the endo appointment in Nov.  Also mentioned I had 'ovarian abnormalities and lots of thickening in the uterus, but could discuss those results in detail with me and that ob/gyn dr. would call me.

Meanwhile, I still have my heavy period with tons of quarter to half dollar size clots come out each day. 9/23 marks 2 months that I have had this going on.

This morning (9/24), I got a call from the ob/gyn's nurse. She told me that I have 2 'simple cysts'. One ovary had a 3 cm cyst and the other ovary has a 5.4 cm cyst.  I am supposed to call them on the day my next period starts and they will schedule another ultrasound to check the size of the cysts after that period ends.

So I ask what to do with my current bleeding issues and she seemed SURPRISED!!! that I was still bleeding. Oh, well, I am supposed to wait another 2-3 weeks, and if I am still bleeding, call them back then and they can put me on birth control.  When I said birth control was NOT an option, she kind of beat around the bush with "welllll, we'll seeeeee..."

***Sorry, vent coming****
I am 34 years old and I am trying to have a child. I have been bleeding for 2 flipping months. I am sick of ruining every pair of undies and pants by sudden clots and I am sick of all the family members telling me it is my thyroid. I'm tired of 15 years of my mother accusing me of eating only junk food and never working out. I am tired of not getting pregnant and having 34 of my Facebook friends having a child between now and April. It's not fair. I just want to be normal so I can have a child. And normally, I don't freak out about not getting pregnant, but when I bleed for two months, I freak out because that's not normal. They used to do blood letting in the olden days and they figured out that did do any good!!!  I'm so PISSED!!!!

**** Sorry!  Vent is done! ****

In this time of waiting, I've done my research and wonder if I may have polycystic ovary syndrome? My symptoms are similar to those with it except for that I have no male hair growth (thank goodness!).  I'd gladly go get a completely different second opinion, but don't want to go through this all again only to be told a 'wait and see' diagnosis.

Need advise!!! Sorry for the wordiness, but so many details and I want some sound answers. Please help!

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I would certainly suggest talking to a different OBGYN about all of this. Another opinion couldn't hurt especially after the other two doctors have done nothing. This does sound like it could possibly be an issue with the uterus itself. I would try and find a doctor asap.  How heavy is the bleeding? I'm wondering if this could be related to the miscarriage and that something did not heal properly and can't heal due to the continuous bleeding.  Is the blood dark or bright red?
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Blood is about as heavy as a regular period if we are talking about what is coming out when I'm out and about. Regular bright red, not brown or weird infection color. However, when I I go to the bathroom, take a shower, or occasionally during the day, I will have a clot come out. They are about a quarter to half dollar size in diameter? (best I can tell when they are sitting in the bottom of the toilet) and are a dark red. If you smear them (on toilet paper, for example), they are the same red as what is on the pads or tampons.  The family practice doctor did mention that the ultrasound had thickened uterine blood, but when I asked the obgyn's nurse today, she said it was normal. Have been on the phone most of the morning trying to figure out where to go that insurance will cover. This experience happened at Mayo Clinic, so really not pleased with their care right now. Best in the nation?!?! HA!
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Hmmmm, that does sound just like huge pieces of the uterine lining coming out if they are the same color as everything else but that is just a guess.  As for the bleeding, it not good to have any type of blood coming out for this long.  From experience in the hospital and school I have never heard of anything that is normal about thickened blood.  While trying to find a different obgyn, I would go back to the family practice doctor and  see if there is anything else that they could do that could help things move a long faster. They could possibly give you a referral to another place. I hope that all goes better.
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