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4.5 cm Ovarian Cyst

Two weeks ago, my PCP: said that i had a kidney stone since i had a moderate amount of blood in my urinalysis.  Sent me home with pain meds and told me if I didn't pass it in a 3 days to come back and see him.  It didn't pass, went back to see him and he scheduled a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis that same day, and the report said I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary.  PCP had a transvaginal ultrasound scheduled with my OB/GYN and found out i have a tilted uterus, fibroids, and a 4.5 cm Ovarian cyst on my right ovary.  This pain comes and goes, and the pain goes from the left to the right, right to the left and in my lower back.  My mother had endometriosis at my age (44) and had a hysterectomy.  This is my 2nd cyst, 1st one ruptured from my left side about 9 years ago.  

Question--  what is better in the long run?  Just removal of the cyst via laparaoscopy, removal of ovary leaving one behind and my uterus so i don't go into menopause, which i am not in yet, or just get it over with and have a hysterectomy?  I do not have any children and at my age, i'm not sure if I want kids or even have children.  I am single, and have yet to find their father.  

Anyone have some suggestions for me?  I have a Dr's Appt this coming Tuesday in the a.m. and would love to have some input by some of you ladies who have been through this.  I'm scared to death.

Thank you!
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Unfortunately everone is different. I had a 4.5cm removed along with my left ovary; (I am 38). My was due to the fact that it had grown in size from a 2cm to a 4.5cm within two months, and YES they are painful.

I was having a laparotomy done for removal of a tumor anyway, so my gyno teamed up with the vasular surgeon and they both removed their portions.

My gyno did not want to put me into early menopaus, so she only removed the left ovary. Thank god the right cysts went away on its own.I feel fine, my monthly cycle is back to normal and no problems with just one. But like i SAID, everyone is different.

Just ask questions when you meet with your doctor...

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I completed menopause at age 46 naturally.  That is considered younger than average, but that is only 2 years away from the age you are now.

What type of cyst is it and is the doctor concerned about it?

Most people (even myself) don't want to undertake more surgery than necessary.  If the cyst has just made an appearance recently, you could try the "wait and see" for a couple of months and maybe it will go away on its own.  If not, perhaps just removal of the cyst and ovary/tube on one side.  Don't think that your mother's fate is the same fate as your own.  All women are different and you may not need a hysterectomy just because your mother had one.  Fibroids can shrink after menopause and no longer pose a problem.
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