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Age 22 Complex ovarian cyst

I had pelvic pressure for about a month and I went to my doctors. They ordered a ultrasound and it found I have a 4.2cm complex cystic lesion on my right ovary. They said it’s likely to be hemorrhagic. I have a appt with a obgyn next week. The pain has gotten worse however, I feel heavy and bloated. I feel like im being stabbed in my ovary.

What are the chances this is cancer?  What are y’all’s stories?
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question but am very sorry to hear about your discomfort.  A hemorrhagic cyst develops when one of the small blood vessels located in the wall of a recently formed cyst breaks for some reason. Blood from the vessel then spills into the body of the cyst, causing it to begin swelling at a fairly consistent pace. Most of the time, these cysts will grow, stabilize and then begin to shrink. Work with your doctor on this for the best course of treatment. It may be to monitor it. As these are often self limiting, that is often what is recommended.  If removal is necessary, they may do so through Laparoscopy surgery.  Here is an article talking about complex cysts. https://www.healthline.com/health/womens-health/complex-ovarian-cyst#treatments

Of note, in women that are premenopausal, it is very rare to be a malignant situation. Let us know how things go as you work with your doctor.  
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