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Am I worried over nothing ?

Hi I am just about to turn 17. 6 weeks ago I had my appendix out and during the surgery they noticed that I had many cysts on my ovaries one of which had just burst. I went to my GP a week ago and she thinks I have polycystic ovaires syndrome and I am waiting on the test results. A few days ago I had an ulrasound which revealed a tennis ball sized cyst on my left ovary which had grown in only a few weeks. I also have had alot of abdominal pain feel sick all the time. I have an appointment with a surgeon in two days and I am worried that there is something wrong.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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I can understand your concern.  Just know that most cysts turn out benign and the fact that you are suspected to have PCOS makes it even more likely it is benign.  But, recurrent cysts are hard to deal with and I was also plagued by cysts since my early teens.  So, I do understand your concern and frustration with being sick.  I felt the same way!

The key with your current large cyst is to know if it is simple (fluid filled) or complex (has solid parts).  Simple cysts can be drained or watched to see if they go away on their own.  Although, most doctors still like to remove them once they are 5cm.  Complex cysts are little more tricky because they run a small chance of being malignant.  Still, the majority of them turn out to be benign.  But, there is no way to know for sure without removing the cyst intact and having it biopsied.  So, if yours is complex, I am sure they will want to surgically remove your cyst.

This larger cyst will have to be evaluated and dealt with on its own.  But, into the future, you should definitely work with a doctor who has experience with PCOS.  Certain gynecologists and endocrinologists have more experience than others.  Medhelp has a PCOS forum that you might want to check out.  Here is that link:


It is good you are seeing a surgeon. Usually, a gynecologic oncologist should be consulted prior to surgery if you have a large, complex cysts.  That way, if frozen section during the surgery determines the mass is malignant, the gyn/onc can look around the abdomen and evaluate areas of concern.  He/she will also be able to complete the staging during that same surgery which is very important for ovarian cancer treatment.  I really think your odds are extremely low that it is malignant.  But, you should discuss this issue with the surgeon if you find your cyst is complex.  It is always better to have discussed all options prior to surgery.

So, please try not to worry.  But, know you are normal for being concerned.  You have already been through a lot and it is always stressful to be facing surgery.  Please give us an update after your next appt.  

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you should wait for your test results and go from there
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Thanks for all your help :)
The cyst grew to a bit bigger then 8cm them twisted and I ended up bleeding into my stomach but I am ok now :)
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