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Any ideas?

Any ideas on this new finding?  Still up - cannot sleep.  Just worried.  Don't really want a physician telling me to wait 3 - 6 months or anything to have another U/S.  However, it seems as though some of you have been through that & I am sure it is long-suffering...thinking about it, etc.
Do physicians usually have you wait or what do you do when the cysts are complex in nature & not fluid-filled???

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Keep pressing your doctor forU/S ,  CT scan or MRI. Don't wait 3-6 months. If they are solid not fluid filled I would go for a second opinion after CTscan.
My ex GP wanted me to wait 3 months to see if my cyst which was fluid filled will go away.
I did not want to wait and went for second opinion and found a wonderful doc who send me for another U/S . Was referred to Gyno and he did not do any scans just scheduled a laparoscopy 3 months later. I was livid. Wanted to have this done sooner and was pestering him for quicker date.
Finally got it and at the time of laparoscopy it was reveiled my cyst was suspicious.
Do not want to scare you or anything but make you aware not to wait...I am sure yours is only a cyst.
Mine turned out to be rare form of cancer, early 1C stage but aggressive one.
Hope this helps. I know how agonising is waiting but you need to gather your strength and go to your doctor and request to have a gyno specialist looking at your U/S or get a CT scan to be sure this is nothing serious. Have a Gyno specialist performing any surgery if you will need one to remove this cyst..

Hugs, Sunes.
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Yes, keep pushing.  Doctors tend to ignore and play the waiting game unless you are often in their face reminding them of your discomfort and fears.  It is more than likely that you don't have cancer (over 95% of all cysts are benign) but it is best to be safe and ensure they can rule that out sooner rather than later.  Please keep us posted.
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I am sorry to hear about your results; but good thing you were persistant. That's sooo important. Hope all is well. i was hoping you might have some answers for me.

I have recently gotten my CT results which state a 3.7 cm x 2.8 cm adnexal cyst which would be best evaluated with ultrasound rather than CT. Probably small amount of free fluid. Does a CT scan rule out malignancy?
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Hi, To answer your question about CT ruling out malignancy...the only way to really diagnose is through biopsy.  CT, MRI and vaginal ultrasound are tools to view the cysts, etc, and can show quite a lot but a biopsy will tell for sure.

Sorry you are worried.  Stay strong.
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Cirella is right.  Each of the different tools provide another view of the cyst.  They can often determne what kind of cyst (and not always right) and size but cannot determine malignancy without a biopsy.  I know it is suspicious but it is still more than likely going to be benign.  When are you scheduled to see him again and get a surgery date?  Be your own advocate.  The stress of waiting is just awful so don't be afraid to ask for something to help you sleep.  Take care and keep us posted.
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If the cyst is semi solid and  fluid filled,needle  Biopsy would leave a contamination trace line if it was cancerous and my ONC told me I will not be subjected to that.
My MRI film and images are  showing perfectly what's inside my cysts. They are also  using enhancing agent Gandolinium  for better contrast.  CT never showed anything   inside my cysts like MRI did...just a grey blob.
Hope this helps.Sunes.
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czward: I am not talking about a needle biopsy.  I've never heard of that being an option for ovarian cysts.  Here is an article that is quite helpful.


Ovarian cysts are enlargements of the ovary that appear to be filled with fluid. They can be a simple fluid filled bleb or contain complex internal structures. The term cyst is used to differentiate them from solid enlargements. Simple cysts have no internal structures and are less worrisome than those with complex structures or solid components. A sonogram or ultrasound test can determine if a cyst is simple or complex.

Ovarian cysts are frequently encountered. Every menstruating woman develops an ovarian cyst each cycle. The menstrual cycle requires the coordinated functioning of the pituitary gland, ovary, uterus and the cervix. The pituitary gland in the head produces the hormones, Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). These hormones are released into the blood stream and are the messengers that tell the ovary what to do.

The ovary responds to FSH by maturing an egg. While doing this the ovary makes and releases the hormone estrogen. The maturing egg is in a follicle cyst that grows to about one half inch in diameter. When the pituitary releases a surge of LH the follicle breaks and the egg floats out and eventually enters the tube. The remnant of the follicle cyst is called the corpus luteum and makes the hormone progesterone.

The lining of the uterus is stimulated to proliferate and grow under the influence of estrogen. Progesterone converts the lining of the uterus to become a secretory lining that is prepared to accept a pregnancy. If a pregnancy does not occur that cycle the corpus luteum stops making progesterone. When the progesterone level falls the support for the lining of the uterus is lost and it sloughs. This is the menstrual bleeding. Then the cycle starts all over again: estrogen, ovulation, progesterone and the menstrual period.

Sometimes the ovary does not ovulate and the follicle cyst persists. It will continue to enlarge and can become as big as a baseball. Eventually it will break and the woman may not even be aware that this has happened. The period may be delayed because there is no progesterone phase of the cycle to respond to. The corpus luteum can also become cystic. If these cysts are detected during an examination the woman will be told that she has a cyst. Usually this will cause considerable consternation. Now everybody is upset. Could the cyst be a cancer? Will an operation have to be done? How are these questions to be answered?

If a sonogram shows this to be a simple cyst without any internal structure.
If it is only on one side.
If it is less than 4-5 inches in diameter.
If it occurs in an ovulating woman or an early pregnant woman.
If there are no associated findings such as nodules or fluid in the pelvis.
If there are no major symptoms of pain.

Then wait.

Schedule a reexamination for 4 weeks. If it is gone or getting smaller then it was a functional cyst: either a follicle cyst or a corpus luteum cyst. Nothing more needs to be done. If it persists then a diagnosis must be arrived at surgically.

Women on birth control pills should not develop functional cysts. The function of the pill is to suppress ovulation, although some women ovulate on their pills. Premenarchal and postmenopausal women should not develop functional cysts. Women in these groups with a cyst as well as those with a complex or a solid cyst will have to be evaluated surgically. This is the only way to make sure that the cyst is or is not a cancer. A Ca-125 test is of no value. It can be elevated for a variety of reasons and a normal value is meaningless. A surgical evaluation must be done. Most of the "cysts" will be shown surgically to be things other than cancers.


Benign neoplastic ovarian cystadenomas
Benign teratomas such as a dermoid
Cysts of structures next to the ovary
Fluid filled Fallopian tubes
Infections in the tubes and or ovaries
Endometriosis and endometrial ovarian cysts
Fibroid tumors of the uterus that are on a stalk
Abscess of the appendix
Abscess of a colon diverticulum

In many instances, the surgical evaluation can be accomplished by laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is an outpatient procedure, but will in most cases, require a general anesthetic and a trip to the operating room.

Any ovarian or uterine enlargement in a post menopausal woman must be taken seriously. Women in this age group do not develop functional ovarian cysts. If they have fibroid tumors of the uterus these should begin to shrink at menopause. Fibroid tumors are benign tumors of the smooth muscle of the uterine wall and are common in younger women. A newly diagnosed fibroid tumor in a post menopausal woman should be an alarm signal and should be verified surgically.
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  I am writing opinions   from my own experience and you seem to copy text from internet. Everybody is different and  actual prodecures differ from person to person despite what the books say..
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You are on the right track and it is too early to be thinking of biopsies, etc.  The info from Cirella will be helpful.  There is more on the health pages (top right).  When do you next get to your doctor?  It will be good to have facts to work with.  Try not to worry about things before you even have to.  Feel free to come here with any questions, to vent, or to let us know how you are doing.  

Take care, Trudie
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Just wanted to see how you are doing & if you have gone for chemo yet?
Are you tired alot?  My fatigue is rediculous & usually wait for adrenaline to kick in before I get anything done...STILL have to get OFF of caffeine, as I have heard caffeine makes these grow faster(?)

Just thought I would see how you are & let you know I got a second opinion today & have to go to a better hospital for a more detailed pelvic & TV U/S tomorrow morning to see "blood flow" through the malignant OR benign tumor.  My testosterone, hCG & DHEAS levels were normal but the CA-125, LH & alpha-feta protein were NOT BACK yet.

Write when you can
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That is a great article.. I wonder if we can't put that on the Health Pages.. It explains a great deal in easy to read format.. Trudie.. you are so right..Let's not jump the gun or borrow trouble, etc..

Stace258  good luck and let us know how you're doing..

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Hello again.
I just came back from Hospital. Oh, I am so happy you got a second opinion. See persistence pays off. And did it make you more calm than yesterday? For sure.

Got my chemo number 2 today and I am surprisingly not that tired like I was after the first one.
Before chemo I took antinausa drugs but that's about it. After chemo I was putting probiotics (acidiphillus and bifidus) under my tongue every 2 hours  and it works wonders.My stomach is calm I ate a lot and I am feeling good.
Will not take any  drugs for the night and will see. I think I will be OK. I know my body and I am so thankful for my GP/MD to tell me this alternative to antinausea drugs.
My CA 125, 15-3 and 19-9 did not come back yet either. It takes about 4 days.When I get them I will share results with you.
Coffeine...hmmm broad subject.But yes you should limit your caffeine intake not only coffee...pop anything that contains caffeine. One cup of coffee a day will not hurt you as long as it is organic without artificial flavours   and  coffee whiteners containing artificial flavours also. Eg:  Starbucks coffee contains too much   fat and has to many artificial additives  Just to name a few.

Stay in touch, If you want I can send you one of my images for you to see how MRI 's looks like it's interesting. I will add you to my friends and place this image in my pictures  (tomorrow) for you to see.
Please take care of yourself and good luck in the new hospital with new doctor.
I always say not all doctors are sincere and attentive to our problems and most often they push things aside telling us that there is nothing to worry about.
If you read few update posts you can find out the trauma some ladies are in because of doctors.
Hugs, Sunes.
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I just now found this note from you from 2 days ago!  Always checking for you guys in between something else - like my 6 mo. old boxer puppy having whelps the size of ACORNS all over her right now!!!!!!!!  ARGHHH!

The farther I get away from the second U/S (just 2 days ago) I question how far apart the diagnosis are!  What would you do???  I am kind of waiting to see the OB next Thurs. to look at all labs with her.  If they are negative would you leave it at that or ask for MRI or just wait to do another U/S next menstrual cycle?  SO confusing...
I let today go by (friday!) without calling for my results, as I found out directly from Labcorp that the phlebotomist failed to put the CA-125 on the recquisition form.  Glad I am type-A (or a nurse atleast) & called myself to find out where they were with my labs.  Ofcourse the Dr. office is not in a hurry to call me with results.  Wondering what to do?
I REALLY hope you are still feeling well today.  Let me know
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