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Anyone have any idea about ultrasound I had done? I am SOOOOO scared!!!!

I had my 2nd ultrasound done today andd I am really scared now...I had a different girl this time and she would not let me know anything about the cyst I have on my left ovary. I got to see from the transabdominal us the right ovary and the uterus but then she did not do left ovary she did that one with transvag and would not let me know or see anything! To me that is bad sign. All she would answer for me is that "I just take the pictures but it appears to be there still". She wouldn't tell me if got bigger, etc. She said doesnt tell her on there which is a lie. Anyway right before I get up she says oh lets take one down the centerline. Then after I get up I look at the screen and do see something black but was not round like an egg (like the 1st us 2 months ago) I ask her is that the left side ovary and she says no it is uterus pictures. Well correct me if I am wrong but the uterus does not show up as black area. I have fibroid but that was grey/white color as well the last time. This was kind of ovalish with a part (or maybe 2? I dont remember) that protruded like into a point. I was trying to see if was under the uterus pictures but did not get a chance..So anyone know what could make utereus look black on screen or is it likely the cyst and has changed. I am really scared cause I know from reading anything idd shaped is NOT good. Would bladder show up? Please anyone!
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I wish I could help you...I am worried about my reuslts as well
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Thanks anyway :) Hope all goes well for you. I did not sleep at all last night and was crying, etc.
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I don't know anything about this as I have never had an ultrasound but I wish you well.  They really aren't allowed to tell you about these things (my friend is a secretary in ultrasound and they are pretty strict with technicians) so don't panic at the lack of information.  Let us know how it goes!
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Technicians are forbidden to say anything as already mentioned.  That gives us plenty of cause to panic because then it's all left to our imaginations.

I got a peak at my US and I also saw black at what I thought was my uterus.  As I would discover later, it was a large cyst that lodged itself behind my uterus.  It was so well centered that the doctors initially thought the cyst was on one side when in fact it was on the completely opposite ovary.  But that's just my story and yours could be completely different.  

Going back to times I've seen black on an ultrasound:
1. large benign fluid filled ovarian cyst as described above (surgically removed later)
2. large benign fluid filled breast cysts (which eventually disappeared on their own)

So in my attempt at an extremely unscientific explanation, I would say black tends to be fluid filled masses which very often are of the "good" variety, although larger ones also tend to be large enough that surgery could be recommended.

Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for an intelligent explanation from a doctor.  Stay calm.  I know how easy it is to freak out over this stuff.  I did plenty of that myself.

Just noticed that you last wrote to this thread more than 2 weeks ago. Have you received better information yet?
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