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Bilateral complex cystic & solid ovarian masses


Just looking for any input or prior experiences that are similar in nature. I will post my ultrasound results as well as a little background into what prompted me to seek out medical care. I will preface by saying that I have an appointment with a GYN for a week from today, but in a effort to ease a little anxiety thought I would ask here.

Ultrasound results:

Uterus measures 8cmx4cmx6cm and contains seedling uterine fibroids.
Endometrial stripe measures 0.6cm thick.
Normal ovaries are not seen.
Complex cystic and solid left adnexal mass measures 10cmx6cmx8cm. Cystic areas contain internal echoes suggestive of hemorrhagic cysts.
Right adnexal mass measures 11cmx6cmx7cm. The right adnexal mass is multicystic and contains internal echoes suggestive of hemorrhagic cysts.
Small amount of free fluid is seen in the POD.

Impression:  Seedling uterine fibroids. Bilateral ovarian masses. Differential includes endometrioma, complex hemorrhagic cysts.


Age: 30
Kids: 2 (C-section birth with both)
Pain in left & right flank, tenderness and pain in lower abdomen, feeling of pulling/stretching in abdomen, prolonged irregular vaginal bleeding, heavy menstrual periods, heavy clotting.

Appreciate any responses.
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. It sounds like the radiologist believes these are hemorrhagic cysts which typically resolve on their own just as many other cysts do. This website may be helpful to ease your mind - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. Let us know what you find out.
Hi, thank you so much for your response.

I had my GYN consult yesterday, and he did a trans-vaginal ultrasound. It appears the masses have grown in size since my ultrasound two weeks ago. There also appears to be a wall separating the cyst (or two cysts sitting on top of each other).

The cysts on my right ovary is measuring around 10 inches in total. And unfortunately, my right ovary I am being told is completely dead. He says there appears to be some healthy tissue remaining on the left, and they are hopeful that they can save the entire left ovary, or a portion thereof.

He wants a CT-Scan done, which I am scheduled for tomorrow. He also did bloodwork yesterday for CA-125. He prescribed Aygestin and wants to see me back in 2 weeks to access if anything has changed and make a decision as to surgery.

He says he suspects endometriosis.

Once again, I appreciate your response.
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I promised to update when I knew more or got in some results.

Got my test results back for the CA-125 serum blood test, and they are elevated. The doctor says this is common in cases of endometriosis. Also got back the CT Scan results:

"There are multilobulated cystic lesions seen in both adnexas. Right side lesion measures 99x103x53mm and on the left side lesion measures 85x50x65mm. There are thin septations seen with contents showing mixed density (HU 20-45). The wall outline is thin on both sides with mils smooth thickening on the postero-lateral aspect of the left adnexal lesion. The fat planes surrounding structures are present. Minimal free fluid seen.

Probably representing complex cystic adnexal mass lesions on both sides, likely endometrioma, however suggest further evaluation with MRI and serum markers for ovarian metotic activity.

There are multiple small mesenteric lymph nodes seen."

The doctor said when they called to tell me about the CA-125 result, that they want me to do two months (two shots - one a month) of Depo-Lupron and then have surgery to remove the mass and right ovary (as it is showing no healthy tissue)_ and remove the left mass. They will do what they can to preserve the left ovary during surgery.

I go back on Monday. Will update if I learn anything else.
I'm not familiar with "serum markers for ovarian metotic activity." I'm surprised they can tell from imaging that the ovary is dead. Ovaries shrivel up and change color (to white I believe) after menopause but their inner tissue takes over and produces hormones the rest of a woman's life, especially testosterone that can be converted into estrogen. I wonder if your right ovary is now working in this mode and not really dead.

I personally would want them to remove just the cyst from both ovaries giving you the best possible chance of maximum ovarian function. I have a friend who had one ovary removed (still has her uterus, tubes and other ovary) and it threw her into a surgical type menopause which is usually much more severe than natural menopause and increases our risk for many health problems.  

I'll watch for your update.
Thank you!

I have been doing a lot of research and I am heading into my appointment Monday with a long list of questions.

Thank you again for your help and responses.
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