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Breast Tenderness

Can't this be normal monthly cyclical symptoms due to ovulation?  I get this, not every month, but occassionally. I never associated it with cycstic activity.  Should I have?

The other information is very informative an concise but I just never associated or have read that breast tenderness is also associated with ovariarn cysts so this is great information to add to my brain.  Of course, I just read today about breast cancer causing cysts so I am learning a lot today.

Information is power!  Thanks :)
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Hi hope this will help you. I had my rt ovary and rt tube removed on April 4th due to a lage cyst. Before they found it I thought I might be pregnant because my breasts were extremely sore and my cycle was off. I always have soreness slightly at cycle time but this was different my breasts were also swollen in size thats why I thought I might be pregnant because I felt like that when I was carring my son. But the doctor said that the cyst was causing a hormone imbalance thats why I was feeling that way. Hope this helps. Take care Marie
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I also experienced breast tenderness when symptomatic w/ ovarian cysts and prior to bilateral oopherectomy.  Once I had that darn alien removed along with my ovaries, the tenderness ceased.   Just make sure to report those symptoms to your physician and stay on top of annual mammograms, too.

Take care,
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Some months I get just awful breast tenderness and swelling - can even see the blue veins like when I was pregnant.  And other months nothing.  I've been like this for many years.  Interesting - perhaps I've had cyst problems all along or I am just ovulating from one of my ovaries.
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Thanks for the info...My GYNO/ONCO said I have probably had this cyst for years so maybe I have had symptoms and did not know it.  My daughter also gets sore, so should she be concerned too? Or if just one ovary ovulates, then the soreness is normal?

I am learning so much ... and I thought I was smart:)

So this is what I have learned to far:  I have had symptoms for years like: stomach pain, boating, breast soreness, gas, constipation, back pain and discomfort during sex.  I never related any of this to my ovaries.  I thought it was my diet, the new man in my life was just larger than my exhusband, and I had prior untreated injuries to my back from cheerleading, limbo and a car accident. Last year I saw 2 gastrointestional doctors with no resolve. And now this year by accident while having an MRI of my lower back due to nerve pain in my foot as ordered by a sports medicine doctor, this THING was found in my pelvis....life is weird.  Our bodies are even weirder.  And I just want this THING out so I can go on with my life no matter how weird.

Thanks for the info and for listening.
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