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Breast pain after cyst removal

Strange question but I had a laparotomy 4 weeks ago to remove a large (slightly bigger than softball) dermoid from my right ovary. I kept the ovary but am experiencing severe breast pain and tenderness now (even clothing touching my breasts is excruciating). Why are my breasts so tender, and what can I do to alieviate the pain. I am taking NSAID pain relievers but they do not seem to help. I was on birth control pill before the surgery, and am not now because I had a tubaligation done at the same time as the cyst removal. No sex yet after surgery so no chance I am preggo. My period should be a week from now assuming the bleeding for a week after surgery was my period. (It was due Tuesday after my surgery on Friday so I assume it was the period.)

I have never had breast pain like this and it scares me on top of being so painful. Could it just be my hormones are wonky? How do I fix it? Anyone else have this issue after surgery?
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Most likely it is your hormones being out of whack.  Your body just went through a major shock, and it may take you a few cycles to get back to normal.  Is it possible that you are having normal PMS symptoms (only a more severe due to surgery) because your period is due?  If it doesn't get better when you take pain meds, you may want to give your doctor a call and see what he/she has to say.  I know I get tender beasts when I should have been having a period (I have Ovarian Remnant Syndrome so only a few pieces of ovary, no periods, but definately PMS symptoms).  
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I don't think it is from my period being due because they have been hurting for 3 weeks now. Maybe it is horemones. I'll probably call the Dr if it doesn't get better after my period. It is even more painful than when I was pregnant. That is the only other time I have had breast pain.
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I am kinda curious what the doctor told you. I am in the same situation. I had one ovary removed and now I have severe breast pain. No period since surgery though. My surgery was 3 moths ago.
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My doctor said it was from hormonal changes.  Said that when you apply body lotion after showering, be sure to also apply it over your breasts.  It does help!
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I has cysts removed and had pain from my stomach up to my breasts. Felt like I had been nursing 5 babies, it was so uncomfortable. My doctor barely gave me pain medicine. My periods have been kinda weird and sort of irregular. My last 3 periods were close together, followed by a really big menstrual cycle. It feels as if menopause has been speeded up! Im doing much better now, though.
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