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Can I play contact sports with a 17cm ovarian cyst?

I’m 15 years old and was recently diagnosed with a 17cm left ovarian cyst (ultrasound, then MRI). I first noticed abdominal swelling (my only symptom) 7 weeks ago. The cyst is thin-walled and completely fluid-filled. Because of its size, I’m getting a laparotomy this summer to have it removed. Until then, I would like to keep getting exercise. I’m a soccer player and I’ve been training gently by myself. I would like to play a game with other players. I could run lightly so it wouldn’t be too strenuous, but there’s a pretty high risk of being knocked over and/or tripped. Could landing on my stomach cause my cyst to rupture? Up until now I haven’t experienced any pain at all, even while training independently.
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What does your doctor say about this?

A cyst is more likely to rupture during strenuous exercise or sex. Strenuous is often defined differently by different people, right? I'm not a 15 year old soccer player - I'm a middle aged woman, so my strenuous is likely different from yours lol. Talk to your doctor and ask what he/she thinks, given the size and location of your cyst. Your doctor may say it's fine, or may say gentle training by yourself is okay, but games aren't. If he says "gentle" is okay, ask for a definition of "gentle" so you do overdo.

Would your teammates be friendly - like a scrimmage with your team? Would they understand they can't deliberately knock you down or trip you? (I know it's soccer, and that can happen, but would they take care to try hard to make sure it didn't, as much as they could?)

I know you're young and active and are probably really tired of not having sports if you've been in lockdown, but a ruptured cyst can be very serious.  

Let us know how you're doing.
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