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Can an ovarian cyst and adenomyosis together cause severe anemia?

I had been having problems with my vision and was diagnosed with subcapsular posterior cataracts in both eyes.  They are fast developing, such that I was diagnosed in Feb., started begging for cataract surgery in May because I couldn't see my computer screen.  By July, I could no longer see well enough to drive and had to change all of my electronics to high contrast/inverted colors for low vision.  In the pursuit of getting scheduled for this cataract surgery, I was diagnosed with severe anemia, and cataract surgery postponed until the source of anemia was determined.  I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and was notified yesterday that I have a cyst on my ovary, and I may have adenomyosis.  I have extremely heavy periods, such that I soak the largest, most absorbent pad in less than an hour, sometimes in less than half an hour.  Heavy periods are not normal for me,  I didn't hardly have more than a "stain" while on the pill.  Due to my high blood pressure, I was taken off the pill in 2011, and have gained 30 pounds since, without changing anything, other than eating less in an attempt to stem the weight gain.  I have lower back pain that I thought was due to my lumbar disability, then started having hip and outside thigh pain which mostly occurs when I lie down.  I also have fatigue, I have trouble forcing myself to wake up and get up in the mornings when I used to rise and shine happily at 4:30am for my whole adult life practically.  My eyesight is becoming a desperate situation yet my doctors will not release me for surgery until anemia is resolved.  Is this a situation in which I might expect a hysterectomy?  Would this be considered an urgent situation?  Would they do the hysterectomy if I have severe anemia?  HGB 7.8 in Nov, 7.6 in Jul; Ferretin .7; HCT 27.2 in Nov, 27.1 in Jul, total iron 25 in Jul, iron sat 5% in July, I was given 325mg to take once a day, that's the only treatment so far.  I am now more worried about possibility of ovarian cancer than my eyesight!  If anyone works for themselves, has their own business, how did you handle these kinds of medical situations?
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I'm sorry I did not see your post earlier. I just replied to your other one.

Although hysterectomies are common, they cause permanent harm even when the ovaries are not removed. I will be happy to share what I've learned since mine 12 years ago. By far, the absolute worst thing that has happened to me.
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There are various causes of anemia. Your doctor can order additional lab tests to narrow down the etiology.

Adenomyosis can cause heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding. If the bleeding is severe, this can lead to anemia.
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