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Can ovary be transplanted

Hello i got my left ovary removed one month back due to cyst.now after googling am scared and worried i didnt know removing ovary has so many adverse effects.am 38 my other ovary tubes and uterus are safe but only left ovary is removed.it suddenly came across my mind can ovary be transplanted?if so then can it lower the risks of removal side effects?does anyone know any details about this?will it be a solution or compensation for my removed ovary?  
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I replied to your other post. I understand your concern and regret. You may be fine with just one ovary. And if not, a prescription for estrogen can reduce symptoms and mitigate some of the health risks of lower ovarian hormones.

I know of a case of an ovary transplant between identical twins. But any other scenario would require that you take anti-rejection meds for life.

I can understand how this is weighing on you. I've been plagued with regret since my organs were removed. Counseling may be helpful. Also, speaking out on your experience and what you've learned about the importance of our sex organs may be cathartic. Otherwise, try to live your life. Just be aware for any signs of hormonal deficiency so you can address them. Also, make sure your medical history includes unilateral oophorectomy.
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thanQ for such a thoughtful response its really what am going through ya i will b careful now onwards  hope u have overcome too
olbeforemytime  did u check ur inbox
Yes. Thanks for your message. It's so true that science cannot be truly advanced until, in your words, "we get rid of problems and not organs."
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