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Can tubal ligations cause hemmoragic cysts

I am 39 and got my tubes tied at the age of 23. I had never experienced any pain during sex, or any problems at all. A few years later I began having extreme like Im dying pain after intercourse usually before ovulation. I finally went in for and ultrasound and was sent in to have surgery to remove them. The had ruptured prior to my surgery, that's when we realized I have poly-hemmoragic cysts that build up over time and rupture.
I am very in tune with my body and I feel that because I got a tubal ligation so many years ago, its getting so much worse. More often now and so much more painful, its not predictable so there is no way to treat it immediately and the pain is so excruciating I cant move anyways. I feel this is caused from having my tubes cut tied and sautered at the age of 23, and now I feel like its really taking a detrimental tole on my body.
Does anyone have any advice? I think I should have them untied, and this is what's causing my issues.
Please help me understand this, I know Im onto something.
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Welcome to the community. I am sorry you are going through this!

Tubals can alter hormone production which is why they can cause menstrual irregularities such as longer and/or heavier bleeding or ovarian cysts and even menopausal type symptoms. Birth control pills may help keep the cysts from forming. Now if that isn't ironic!

Hopefully, you can keep this under control and won't ever need surgical removal since far too many women unnecessarily lose an ovary or ovaries for cysts. That is what happened to me and I was not given all the vital information about how important the ovaries are a woman's entire life since they produce hormones well into a woman's 70's and possibly beyond.

Best of luck in finding something that helps! Keep us posted.
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