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Complex Ovarian Cyst still not gone after 4 month.

I've had a 3.4cm complex cyst for over 4 months. Gyno is having me go in for another ultrasound (3rd one) to see if it has changed.

I have most symptoms - pain, bloating and discomfort.

My main question is why won't the cyst go away?

I had surgery last year to remove a uterine polyp. Been on BC in the past with horrible side effects.  

Last US read " A 3.4 cm complex right ovarian cyst, likely related to a hemorrhagic follicular cyst. As clinically warranted, a follow-up ultrasound after 2 menstrual cycles may be obtained"

They just keep saying to follow up. Should I request surgery or keep waiting? When will this go away? Tired of the bloating and pain.
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. From what I've read, most cysts that are going to resolve will do so within a few months. However, if this latest u/s shows it's shrinking then it may still resolve.

It's hard to wait it out when you're in pain and bloated! But of course you don't want to undergo surgery unnecessarily either. And unfortunately, many women lose an ovary when all that needs to be removed is the cyst. Removal of even one ovary can disrupt your whole endocrine system. It can cause reduced fertility but impair the endocrine / health promoting functions of the ovaries. Many women are told that the other ovary will make up for the one removed but that is not always the case. Studies show that our ovaries are powerhouses for good health our whole lives. They merely change their functions from reproductive to endocrine after menopause at which time they produce significant levels of testosterone.

This site is helpful in understanding ovarian cysts. Let us know what the latest u/s shows and your doctor's recommendation.
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Oops - here's the website - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm.
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