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Complex cyst

Hello, I was wondering the symptoms of a cyst, I found out I had one last week, but I have been having back pain, pain on my left side and the need to use the bathroom (no pain when I go) and gas. I call my doctor today but she will not be in the office until Thursday. What should I do if I go to urgent call they may just give me some pain meds until I see my doctor. HELP!! Do any one else with complex cyst use the restroom alot during the day and night.
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Hi there,

Usually, complex cysts are removed when they reach 5cm or larger and/or are causing bothersome symptoms. It sounds like you have the typical symptoms of a larger sized cyst.  Urinary urgency was my main symptom when my complex mass turned out to be early staged ovarian cancer.  So, you don't want to ignore this symptom!  Unfortunately, both benign and malignant cysts cause the same types of symptoms.  The fact that they grow and put pressure on your bladder is usually the reason for the urinary urgency.

One note of caution...any complex or solid mass has a slight chance of being malignant.  For this reason, it is recommended that all women who have this type of mass get a consult with a gynecologic oncologist prior to their surgery.  Gyn/oncs have specialized training and experience in removing malignant masses.  Studies have shown your overall prognosis is improved if cancer is found and a gyn/onc was present during your surgery.  Also, they can complete staging during that same surgery which usually can't be done by any other type of surgeon.  Here are a couple of links with more information:



You need to ask for a copy of your sonogram report and be sure to note the size of your mass.  I also think it is a good idea to request a MRI or CT scan.  They often will give you much more information about the mass and the other areas of your abdomen.  Hopefully, your doctor will explain her reasons for waiting since you are having these symptoms.  When in doubt, it never hurts to get a second opinion.  Please keep us updated on how you are doing!

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Thank you for your answers, yes I been to the doctor's!!

I told her I was having pain on my left and they found a cyst on the right. (sonogram)
She said she wanted to watch it for three months to see what happens.
She said it was a solid cyst.
Did you get surgery to remove?

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Hi those pains are just a few of the symptoms that cysts can cause ( some people have none whereas other people have loads of symptoms )
I have a large cyst on right side and this causes me to feel pain in my leg, hip, back and groin and also feel the need to pee more often :-/
With regards to ur doctor has she referred u for a scan? Did she examine u? How did u find out u have a cyst and what did they say they would be planning to do about it?
If it is worrying u to the point that it is all u can think about then ask to speak to another doctor or nurse from the same practice.
Let us know how u get on
Take care x
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