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Complex ovarian Cyst

Hi, I am 29 yr old.i just had blighted ovum and ended the pg.During this i discovered an ovarian cyst , complex septated..around 4.8 cm .on my left ovary...
I have no pain nothing...the thing tht worried me is my blood test rpt
My GYN tested for CA 125 ..which normal...
But CA19-9 was high....normal 0-40 mine was 542
I read alot about ca19-9 ...n everywhere it said cant be related to cancer directly..
Has any one had this count high with cyst???
I hv appointmnt with oncologist next week.
Also does ovary is always removed with complex cyst
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I've never heard of the CA19-9 test. Most ovarian cysts, including complex ones, are benign (non-cancerous). And most cysts resolve on their own in 3 months or so which is why the standard treatment is typically to monitor them via periodic ultrasounds. Of course, if you have a family history / genetic predisposition for ovarian cancer, then that needs to be considered.  

You don't want to have surgery if it isn't necessary since all surgery has risks. And you don't want to lose an ovary either since that can permanently disrupt your entire endocrine system causing all sorts of health problems. It can also impair fertility. Sometimes the other ovary can compensate but not always. If this cyst doesn't resolve or is truly concerning looking and surgery is necessary, you may want to make sure you get a surgeon who has good cystectomy (cyst removal) skills so that your ovary can be saved if the frozen section (done while you are in the operating room) shows that the cyst is benign.

I had a 9.5cm septated complex cyst and my organs were unnecessarily removed when all that should have been removed was the cyst. Unnecessary removal of female organs is an "epidemic" in the U.S. so it is up to each woman to protect herself via the surgical consent form.

Best of luck to you! Please let us know what you find out from the oncologist.
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Thanks alot!!!!!

My family has no history of cancer...
I am hoping to save my ovary, as i could sense from my GYN...that they mostly will take out my ovary.Hoping oncologist does not say same....
I want to take time and see alternatives or just remove cyst...
Thanks Again!!!
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An update on my visit...
Just visit my oncologist today.
Did u/s and repeated CA-125 , CA19-9 and HCG count.
All looked ok to the doctors.
Cyst was almost same size.
CA-125 same normal range
Hcg - 40 ..still some time to go below 5 ..to get off from pregnancy.
CA-19-9 rose up to 700 now from 542.
However both dr concluded seeing the cyst in u/s ..to be dermoid and bening
And the increase  in 19-9 is suspected to be because of cyst.
Will wait another month to see if any change.
Mostly will have to have surgery as dermoid of 5-6 cm do not usually come out per Dr
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